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Data Protection in Gibraltar

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Data Protection in Gibraltar - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Data Protection in Gibraltar. Government of Gibraltar Seminar for Business & Finance Sectors 24 January 2006. Seminar Overview. What’s it all about? DPO – The jargon DPO – The main issues Information sources Sean Sweeney Question time.

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data protection in gibraltar

Data Protection in Gibraltar

Government of Gibraltar

Seminar for Business & Finance Sectors 24 January 2006

seminar overview
Seminar Overview
  • What’s it all about?
  • DPO – The jargon
  • DPO – The main issues
  • Information sources
  • Sean Sweeney
  • Question time
what s it all about
What’s it all about?
  • “Surely it should be obvious to the dimmest executive that trust, that most valuable of economic assets, is easily destroyed and hugely expensive to restore – and that few things are more likely to destroy trust than a company letting sensitive personal data get into the wrong hands.”
          • The Economist Magazine, 25 June 2005“
  • “The ability to guard customer data is the key to market value, which the board is responsible for on behalf of shareholders.”
          • Haim Mendelson, Stanford University Business School
what s it all about1
What’s it all about?
  • “My credit card number is 078999489 and my credit limit is £3,000 – and, by the way, my PIN number is 3981.”
  • “Last year the doctor prescribed me antidepressants.”
  • “Ten years ago I was fined £50 for being drunk and disorderly.”
  • “I owe the income tax department £50,000.”
key jargon s2
Key jargon (s2)
  • Personal data
  • Data subject
  • Data controller
  • Data processor
  • Processing
what is covered by the dpo s3
What is covered by the DPO? (s3)
  • Applies to processing of personal data by automatic or manual means.
  • Does not apply to data kept only for personal purposes – eg a personal address book.
  • Applies to data held in Gibraltar by a company based outside of Gibraltar.
duties of data controllers
Duties of Data Controllers
  • To gather, store and use personal data in accordance with the data protection principles.
  • To process personal data only in accordance with the Ordinance
  • To ensure that data subjects can exercise the rights set out in the Ordinance in accordance with the time limits set out in the ordinance.
  • To cooperate with the Data Protection Commissioner
key rights of data subjects
Key Rights of Data Subjects
  • Right to have data kept & used only in accordance with the DPO
  • Right of access
  • Right to rectification of data
  • Right to object to processing of data
  • Rights in relation to direct marketing
  • Right to not have decisions made solely on the basis automatic processing of data
offences regulation the courts
Offences, Regulation & the Courts
  • The Data Protection Commissioner (s21)
  • Enforcement (ss25-27)
  • The Data Protection Register (ss22 -24)
e mail
  • “For the purposes of this Ordinance any communication or notification which may be done in writing may be done by electronic means.”
          • - section 4 DPO
sources of information
Sources of Information
  • The Data Protection Ordinance 2004
  • GoG Data Protection brochures
  • The Gibraltar Data Protection Commissioner
  • The EU data protection website
  • The Irish data protection website