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Hydraulic Hybrid Vehicle PowerPoint Presentation
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Hydraulic Hybrid Vehicle

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Hydraulic Hybrid Vehicle - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Members: Kevin Alexander Phillip Bacon Tyler Degen Brandon Diegel Nick Hemenway Luke Jackson Christian L’Orange Grant Mattive Dean Simpson. Advisors: Dr. Kirkpatrick, CSU Dr. Guy Babbitt, Czero Inc. Mr. Chris Turner, Czero Inc. Hydraulic Hybrid Vehicle. Outline.

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Presentation Transcript
hydraulic hybrid vehicle


Kevin Alexander

Phillip Bacon

Tyler Degen

Brandon Diegel

Nick Hemenway

Luke Jackson

Christian L’Orange

Grant Mattive

Dean Simpson


Dr. Kirkpatrick, CSU

Dr. Guy Babbitt, Czero Inc.

Mr. Chris Turner, Czero Inc.

Hydraulic Hybrid Vehicle

  • Objectives and Constraints
    • Scope Changes
  • Test Skid Progress
  • Component Selection
    • Accumulator
    • Pump/Motor
  • Modeling Progress
  • Current Schedule
  • Budget
  • Conclusions
objectives and constraints
Objectives and Constraints
  • Design components to retrofit existing vehicles
  • Operational Test Skid by Dec. 2007
  • Running prototype vehicle by April 2008
  • Payback period: less than 2 years through fuel

savings and reduced maintenance cost

  • Major components sourced from commercial



Scope Changes

  • Test Skid
    • Test skid from University of Wisconsin, Madison
    • Initial set-up: Stock configuration at 2000psi
    • Final set-up: Sized components at 5000psi
  • Marketing
    • Partnered with CSU College of Business GSSE
  • Controls
    • Partnered with CSU team of electrical engineers

Test Skid Progress

  • Acquired test skid from University of Wisconsin
  • Installed at the EECL
  • Flywheel-to-pump coupler ordered
  • Flywheel FEA conducted
  • EECL donated hydraulic power supply
  • Installed HPS near test skid
  • Evaluated condition of components
  • HPS is currently operational
flywheel selection
Flywheel Selection
  • Sizing flywheel to simulate reflected inertia of bus
  • Options considered:

Clark flywheel at EECL (5 ft diameter)

Trainwheel (3 ft diameter)

University of Wisconsin Flywheel (2 ft diameter)

In house fabricated flywheel

  • Main concern is safety
flywheel selection1
Flywheel Selection



N-Max safe speed

C-.9 for variable speed

A-1.5 for disk type (no spokes)

M-2.75 for plate/forged steel (60ksi)

E-1.0 for solid rim (no bolted joints)

K- ~2000 for thickness of 5% outside diameter

D- Outside diameter in feet

Taken from Machinery’s Handbook

flywheel selection2
Flywheel Selection
  • New Constraint: If building own test stand, moment of inertia must be under 4 kg-m2 for safety purposes
  • Decided to use UW test stand since it was professionally designed and best utilization of tight time frame
  • Will still allow for sufficient modeling capabilities when inertia rings are designed and added
flywheel analysis
Flywheel Analysis
  • Flywheel modeled at 1800rpm and 3500rpm
  • Centrifugal loading applied to model

Max Stress: 3.30ksi

Max Stress: 13.65ksi

3500rpm Centrifugal load

1800rpm Centrifugal load

accumulator selection
Accumulator Selection

10 Gallon

15 Gallon

accumulator selection1
Accumulator Selection
  • 15 gallon capacity
  • Suitable for testing equipment
  • Bladder type accumulator
    • Bladder material Hydrin (desirable temperature and cost properties)
  • Steel construction
    • Best performance to cost ratio
  • Top repairable
    • Desirable for ease of maintenance

Accumulator considerations

pump motor selection
Pump/Motor Selection

Size of P/M dependant on acceleration path

pump motor selection1
Pump/Motor Selection
  • Variable Displacement Axial Piston Pump/Motor
  • Through Shaft Swash Plate type
  • No extra coupling gearbox to mount to vehicle
  • Bosch Rexroth A11VL0
    • Displacement- 145 cm^3/rev
    • Maximum Pressure of 400 Bar
    • Max Speed of 2500 rpm
    • 73 kg
modeling progress
Modeling Progress
  • Simulink models
    • Drive cycle: fuel economy, accelerating and braking capabilities
    • Hydraulic model: component sizing, pressure considerations
  • Hysan models
    • Hydraulic schematic: pressure considerations, line losses, and modes of failure
  • Components needed for test skid
    • Low and High Pressure Accumulator ~$6000
    • Final set-up pump/motor ~$7000
  • Donations
    • Talked to City of Fort Collins for a donated vehicle
    • In talks with hydraulic suppliers for possible donations

Special Thanks To:

Dr. Kirkpatrick (Advisor-Colorado State University)

Dr Guy Babbitt (Advisor-Czero Inc.)

Chris Turner (Advisor-Czero Inc.)

Staff and Employees of The Engines and Energy Conversion Laboratory

Hysan Modeling