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2011 MICHAEL A. DEMAYO SCHOLARSHIP. Presented by: AnaMarie Dimeo Bessemer City High School. THE EFFECTS OF UNDERAGED DRINKING and DRIVING. Through the Eyes of A Friend ……. JULY 31, 2009 … A day we will never forget.

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Presentation Transcript
2011 michael a demayo scholarship


Presented by:

AnaMarie Dimeo

Bessemer City High School

the effects of underaged drinking and driving


Through the Eyes of

A Friend …….

july 31 2009 a day we will never forget
JULY 31, 2009 …A day we will never forget

It was a hot July afternoon. We were getting ready to meet some of our friends for an evening of swimming.

We got a phone call.

Our lives were changed forever.

this was just the beginning
This was just the beginning …

BESSEMER CITY — A teenager was killed when his friend’s sport utility vehicle skidded and flipped on a rural road Friday afternoon.

State troopers said Matthew Harold Mortensen, 16, of Kings Mountain, died at the scene. The driver, identified by a friend as 17-year-old Ty Williams, was flown to Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte for treatment. He was listed in critical condition Friday night.

The SUV ran off the road to the right at 60 to 65 mph and Williams overcorrected, spinning the car sideways and flipping it twice on the left shoulder, Lee said.

“When somebody gets their license at 16, they don’t comprehend speed and overcorrecting,” Lee said. Williams and Mortensen were thrown from the vehicle. Lee said neither boy was wearing his seat belt.

“Speed and young people — it is a big problem,” he said. “Like anybody, when you get your license, you think it’s not going to happen to you. Situations like this bring it back to reality…………………….”

We rushed to the hospital.

It was all true.

One of our friends was dead—the other fighting for his life.

How Could This Happen?

We are so young. So much to LIVE for.

We are not ready to accept DEATH ….


“Trooper T. R. Lee said he would likely interview Williams in the hospital this week, but is waiting several days while the teen recovers. The Highway Patrol will consult the District Attorney’s office before determining whether Williams would be cited for the wreck, he said.”

Teen remembered for sense of humor, love of extreme sports

Bessemer City High student died in Friday afternoon wreck, friend recovering in Charlotte hospital

August 03, 2009 3:38 PM

BESSEMER CITY — When his girlfriend was upset, Matthew Mortensen could always coax a grin from her frazzled face.

“He was an amazing guy,” said Meghan Hilton, who dated Mortensen for about a year. “He always knew how to make you laugh, even if you were having your worst day.”

Mortensen, 16, of Kings Mountain, was killed Friday afternoon when his friend’s sport utility vehicle overturned on Whitesides Dairy Road outside Bessemer City. He was a rising junior at Bessemer City High School and an athletic boy who loved being outdoors……….”

it only got worse
It Only Got Worse ……

Teen driver faces charges in fatal crash

August 16, 2009 6:01 PM

“A teen driver whose passenger was killed in a July 31 crash now faces criminal charges.

Ty Williams, 17, is being charged with misdemeanor death by vehicle and driving after consuming under age 21, according to Trooper T.R. Lee with the Highway Patrol.

Subpoenaed blood samples revealed traces of alcohol and marijuana in Williams’ system when he was brought to Carolinas Medical Center after the wreck, Lee said…..”

here are the facts
Here are the Facts:
  • Our friend chose to drink that day. Now one of our friends was dead and another one’s life was changed forever.
  • Our friend was being charged for HIS best friend’s death.
  • Not only did we loose a friend FOREVER, we have a friend who will NEVER be the same.
  • We are only teenagers. WHY did this have to happen to us ??
here s why
Here’s WHY ………

“The Century Council has been fighting against underage drinking for two decades. While rates have declined, alcohol consumption among youth under the legal drinking age remains at an alarming level.

More than 10 million youths, ages 12 to 20, in this country report they have consumed alcohol in the past 30 days. The rate of current alcohol consumption increases with increasing age according to the 2009 National Survey on Drug Use and Health from 2.4% at age 12 to 22.4% at age 16, and 56.7% at age 20.”

why do teens drive drunk
Why Do Teens Drive Drunk?
  • Peer Pressure –They think it makes them look COOL (….NOT !)
  • They think THEY won’t get caught (…YES YOU WILL !)
  • “I can handle it” ..on a dare (NO, YOU CAN’T!)
  • My parents do it (SO … YOU ARE NOT A PARENT !)
why do some teens not drink and drive
Why do some Teens NOT Drink and Drive?
  • Don’t Want To (75%)
  • It’s Unsafe/Unhealthy (70%)
  • It’s Illegal (65%)
  • Parents Ask or Tell Them NOT to (60%)
  • It’s Not Cool (58%)

*SOURCE: TRU Omnibuzz Survey-2009

what can be done to stop underaged drinking driving
What Can Be Done To STOP Underaged Drinking & Driving?


  • Trouble with the Police/Law – 68%
  • Suspended from School – 55%
  • Suspended from Sports (Team)-44%
  • Getting Grounded – 42%
  • Losing Internet Privileges – 42%
  • Getting Kicked Out of House – 41%
  • Getting Yelled At – 37%
  • Losing Allowance – 33%
  • Losing Driving Privileges – 32%

SOURCE: TRU Omnibuzz Survey-2008

what was the effect it had on us
What was the effect it had on US ?
  • Our Senior Class will not have one of our Friends seated among us at graduation.
  • Our surviving friend has lost his driving privileges and is living with his “guilt” on a daily basis. Not so “happy go lucky” anymore. We miss the “old” him.
  • Our class has Matt Mortensen fundraising events. We are too young to be having to deal with this ….
  • Our Senior Class is SAD ! We miss our fun loving, crazy, talented FRIEND.
  • Did it STOP us from Drinking and Driving? Let’s hope so … but probably NOT everyone.
what can we do to educate our youth
What Can We Do to Educate our Youth ?
  • Teach our Youth at a very early age that Drinking & Driving CAN .. and WILL have fatal results. It is also ILLEGAL with unfavorable consequences.
  • Make field trips to wrecker lots .. Show pictures of vehicles involved in drunk driving wrecks.
  • Make it PERSONAL– Show pictures of teens who have died as a result of drinking and driving.
  • Stress the importance of having a DESIGNATED DRIVER … IF you or one of your friends MUST drink.
that s not all
  • Campaign locally for TOUGHER penalties for teens caught drinking & driving. Community service should not be enough. Have those convicted visit the local high schools and tell their stories. It WILL have an impact.
  • Have families of those affected by these horrible accidents visit the high schools and explain how their lives have been changed forever .. and how things could have been different if the decision had NOT been made for someone to Drink & Drive.
class of 2011 what did we lose

We Lost a Best Friend ………..





“With our Angels in Heaven … We are the Class of 2011”

Don’t Let this Happen to YOUR Class !