Elac rights and responsibilities
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ELAC Rights and Responsibilities - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ELAC Rights and Responsibilities. English Learner & Multicultural Education San Juan Unified School District. What is an ELAC?.

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Elac rights and responsibilities
ELAC Rights and Responsibilities

English Learner & Multicultural Education

San Juan Unified School District

2011-12 ELAC

What is an elac
What is an ELAC?

  • An English Learner Advisory Committee is for parents/guardians of English Learners to advise the principal and school staff on programs and services for English Learners.

  • An ELAC is required at every school that has more than twenty (20) identified English Learners, regardless of the types of programs offered at the school.

  • The ELAC serves in an advisory capacity.

  • In SJUSD, the minimum number of meetings required is four per year (school consults with members to determine dates and times).

What is an english learner
What is an English Learner?

  • An English Learner is a student whose primary language is not English and is still developing his/her English skills.

  • Other terms that are sometimes used to describe English Learners are: EL students, limited English proficient (LEP) students, ESL/ELD students, English language learners (ELL).

  • An English Learner will be considered fluent English proficient (FEP) when he/she meets the district’s reclassification criteria.

Reclassification criteria
Reclassification Criteria

  • The purpose of reclassification is to assure that English Learners have acquired English listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills at the level of a native speaker of English.

  • The State Board of Education established four broad reclassification criteria: They are:

    • English Proficiency

    • Teacher Evaluation and Recommendation

    • Parent Consultation

    • Basic skills in the English Language Arts portion of the California Standards Test (CST)

  • SJUSD has adopted the State Criteria listed above.

Reclassification criteria1



  • While there is no minimum number of members required, there should be enough members to allow for meaningful parental input.

  • Percentage of parents of English Learners in the ELAC must be at least the same as that of English Learners in the school.

  • As long as the criteria in the second item above is maintained, other members may include parents of non English Learners, school staff, and community members.

  • ELAC membership includes all elected members, not just the officers.


  • While officers are not required, the SJUSD recommendation is to have a chairperson, vice-chairperson, and secretary.

    • Officers help develop agendas.

    • Chairperson and vice chairperson help conduct meetings.

    • Secretary takes meeting notes.

  • Having a DELAC representative is required (recommendation is to have two with one being an alternate)

    • DELAC representative(s) attend DELAC meetings and take and bring information between the ELAC and DELAC on behalf of the ELAC members.

Relationship to other committees
Relationship to Other Committees

  • DELAC representatives serve as links between school and district.

  • It is recommended that the School Site Council (SSC) include representation by parents of English Learners.

  • The SSC needs to seek input from the ELAC, at a minimum, about the school plan and EIA-LEP budget.

  • The ELAC may delegate duties to SSC (for up to two years if a SBCP) only after ELAC is formed and trained on rights and responsibilities. The SSC must then carry out all ELAC duties.

  • School facilitates interaction between committees.


  • Elections must be for all members, not just the officers (there may be two elections, one for general membership and one for officers).

  • Elections may be by ballots or during a meeting (if all parents of English Learners are notified that elections will take place).

  • All parents of English Learners must be given an opportunity to participate in elections.

  • Parents of English Learners elect the parent members of the ELAC.


  • While bylaws are not required, they are recommended.

  • Some items to cover:

    • Membership composition

    • Election procedures

    • Officers

    • Whether delegation of ELAC duties is an option

    • Number of meetings

    • Parliamentary procedures

    • Topics to cover

Required elac duties
Required ELAC Duties

  • The ELAC must effectively advise on at least the following:

    • School Plan/policies/programs for English Learners, including budget

    • Development of the school’s needs assessment (on any issue, not limited to those pertaining exclusively to English Learners)

    • School’s annual language census

    • Recommended actions to support regular school attendance


  • Appropriate training and materials must be provided by the school to assist members in carrying out their required duties.

  • Training must be for all ELAC members, not just officers.

  • The school is responsible for translating training materials and other meeting materials into languages represented.

  • The school facilitates obtaining information and guest speakers


  • Officers or general membership must assist in developing the agendas.

  • Each meeting’s agenda must be developed from three sources:

    • ELAC members’ selected items

    • School staff and district selected items

    • State required items

  • Copies of agendas must be kept on file at the school site and sent to the EL department (make sure agendas indicate elections, training, and completion of required ELAC duties).


  • Minutes must be taken at each meeting (ELAC secretary usually does this).

  • School is responsible for providing translators at each meeting and translating minutes into languages represented.

  • Copies of minutes must be kept on file at school and sent to the EL Department (make sure minutes indicate elections, training, and completion of required ELAC duties).

Eia lep and general funds support of elac
EIA-LEP and General Funds Support of ELAC

  • Training and Training Materials

  • Translations

  • Interpreters

  • Meals (???)

  • Speakers/presenters

  • Conference Expenses

  • Other Reasonable Expenses

Delac duties
DELAC Duties

  • The DELAC must effectively advise the governing board on at least the following:

  • district plan for English Learner’s

  • – district-wide needs assessment

  • – setting district goals for English Learner education

  • – district plan to meet teacher and aide requirements

  • – language census

  • – written parent notification of initial enrollment

  • – district’s reclassification process

  • – written notifications sent home to parents/guardians

Some other possible elac or delac topics
Some Other Possible ELAC or DELAC Topics

  • Uniform Complaint Procedures

  • High School Graduation Requirements

  • University Entrance (U.C./C.S./A-G) Requirements

  • Adult School Opportunities for Parents

  • Immigration/citizenship

  • Grading (Report Card) System

  • Extra-curricular Activities

  • Testing (CELDT, STAR, CAHSEE, S.A.T.)

  • GATE, Honors, Advanced Placement Courses

  • Interventions, Tutoring, Counseling Services

  • Promotion/Retention

  • Parent Involvement and Volunteering

  • American School System



    English Language Learner

    • Secretary (Teri Hofstetter) 971-5382

    • Translators (Roxann Higgins) 971-5390

    • Indian Education (Teri Hofstetter) 971-5382

    • Student Learning Assistance 971-7202

  • California Department of Education

    • English Learner Monitoring Unit 319-0949 (office) or 319-0320 (consultant)

    • Categorical Programs Complaint Management 319-0928

  • Office for Civil Rights, U.S. Dept. of Ed.(415) 556-4275

  • Information on Teacher Credentialing 322-5038

  • Language Policy and Leadership Office 319-0845