nanotechnology in the field of medicine n.
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NanoTechnology in the Field of Medicine

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NanoTechnology in the Field of Medicine - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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NanoTechnology in the Field of Medicine. By Suchitha Koneru. Outline. Introduction Cell repair Machines Features Applications of Cell Repair Machines Limits and Feasibility of Cell Repair Machines Nano Medicine Respirocytes Ongoing Research Nano Horrors. Cell Repair Machines.

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Presentation Transcript
  • Introduction
  • Cell repair Machines
  • Features
  • Applications of Cell Repair Machines
  • Limits and Feasibility of Cell Repair Machines
  • Nano Medicine
  • Respirocytes
  • Ongoing Research
  • Nano Horrors
cell repair machines
Cell Repair Machines
  • Medical Nano Robots(Moleculartechnology and AI)
  • Will change medicine at its foundations
  • A system including nanocomputers and molecular scale sensors and tools, programmed to repair damage to cells and tissues
  • A fundamental break through : these machines will free medicine from the reliance of self repair as the only path to healing
  • Selective Destruction : example cancerous cells , recognize and destroy a specific kind of cell
  • Nature's own cell repair machines are limited in their ability
  • Size
    • micron scale robot with nano scale parts , parts would be from

1 to 100 nm , the actual machine would be 0.5 to 3 microns

  • Bio Compatibility
    • Passive Diamond coating , because of its inert nature , not attacked by the immune system
  • Powering
    • Metabolize local glucose and oxygen for energy
    • Clinical environment acoustic energy
  • Communication
    • Broadcast acoustic type messages
    • Device similar to an Ultra Sound Probe
    • Acoustic sensors
    • Internal communication network
Navigation :
    • a navigational network with station keeping navigational elements providing high positional accuracy
    • Accurate positions could be reported to the physician using the internal communication network
applications of cell repair machines
Applications of cell Repair Machines
  • Drug Delivery
    • Sophisticated ways
      • Target specific ,enable the use of lower doses of medicine
      • Side effects may be minimized and stronger medicine could be used
      • Trigger based , will release medicine when needed example Insulin delivery
  • Correcting Genetic Disorders
    • Comparing the strand of nucleotides segment by segment
    • Changing the nucleotides within a DNA so that it matches a correct pattern
Anesthesia plus
    • interrupting metabolism of the body for hours, days or years resulting in a condition of bio statis( a stoppage or stable state)
    • Bio statis provides deep anesthesia , thereby physicians can work for more time
    • Used in the case of emergencies
    • Can be achieved using molecular machines
      • Molecular machines injected into the blood stream enter each cell , block the molecular machinery for metabolism , the water is displaced using other molecular devices
    • Reversing bio statis
      • When it is time to wake up the patient , the process of resuscitation is started by the doctor , repair machines remove packing around molecules replace it with water and unblock the metabolic machinery
      • Astronauts as a one way travel
establishing health
Establishing Health
  • State of health is established
    • Recognize the differences between the healthy tissue and the diseased tissue and rectify those differences
  • Immune system
    • the body’s immune system is limited in its capabilities
    • Immune machines :- Medical nano machines, which could be programmed to respond to anything encountered by the world of medicine .
  • Disease of Aging
    • Damaged molecular machinery
    • Misarranged structures , low enzymes
limits and feasibility of cell repair machines
Limits and Feasibility of Cell Repair machines
  • Developing cell repair machines requires great effort ,knowledge and skill, tremendous development in Artificial Intelligence
  • An exact answer cannot be given to the question “ when will cell repair machines be available “
  • Loss of information through obliteration of structure imposes the most important fundamental limit to the repair of tissue
  • Nano medicine is an interdisciplinary field of science , even a simple project needs contributions from physicists, engineers , material chemists , biologist and end users such as an orthopedic surgeon
  • Molecular nano technology and molecular manufacturing are key enabling technologies
  • Analyzing and repairing human body just as we repair any other machine
  • Applications
    • Miniaturizing surgery
    • Tissue reconstruction
    • Eliminating all common diseases , all the medical pain and suffering
  • A proposed nano robot , artificial red blood cell
  • Of the order of 1 micron
  • Spherical nano robot made of 18 billion atoms
  • A pressure tank which can be pumped upto 9 billion Oxygen O2 and CO2 molecules
  • By the virtue of its pressure sensors it releases Oxygen or Carbon Dioxide
  • The bottom line is that mimics the action of hemoglobin filled red blood cells and can deliver 236 times more oxygen per unit volume than a natural red blood cell
  • Applications
    • Treatment of Anemia
    • Transfusions and perfusions
    • Fetal and Child Related disorders
on going research
On Going Research

Making Tiny Plastic Particles to deliver Lifesaving Medicine

  • Many medications such as therapeutic DNA, insulin and human growth hormone must enter the body through painful injections, but a Johns Hopkins researcher is seeking to deliver the same treatment without the sting
  • Justin Hanes an assistant professor at the Department of Chemical and BioMolecular Engineering wants to pack the drug into microscopic plastic spheres which can be inhaled
  • new type of porous polymer particles capable of releasing drugs in an environment resembling the deep lungs
dna nanotechnology
DNA Nanotechnology
  • Self-Assembly of Metallic Nanoparticles Arrays by DNA Scaffolding.
    • This NSF-funded project is a done under the supervision of :
      • Profs. Richard Kiehl (Electrical Engineering)
      • Karin Musier-Forsyth (Chemistry),
      • Prof Nadrian Seeman (New York University).
    • The objective of this exciting multi-disciplinary research project is to use two-dimensional DNA crystals as a scaffolding for the self-assembly of arrays of metallic nanoparticles for the development of new electronic devices.
Chemical Imaging
    • University of Michigan
      • Raoul Kopelman , Ph.D student (Department Of Chemistry)
      • Optical nano sensors for real time chemical imaging of cellular membranes and intracellular processes , these sensors will monitor pH, calcium , magnesium , sodium , potassium , chloride , oxygen concentrations within the cells
nano horrors
Nano Horrors
  • Self replicating Nano Robots
  • A threat to the existence of human beings
    • ( for research at National institute of health and other universities)
    • (nano technology applied to veterinary medicine )
    • (medical nano robots)
    • (nano medicine faq)
    • (for nano medicine )