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network computer:. What is the network computer:. Is a set of computers have the ability to exchange data with each other by lines of communication which has been with each other. Or may be linked to a number of terminals with a central computer.

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what is the network computer

What is the network computer:

Is a set of computers have the ability to exchange data with each other by lines of communication which has been with each other. Or may be linked to a number of terminals with a central computer.


Networks can be classified depending on geographical area covered by the network to local networks (LAN) and wide area networks (WAN).

LAN: is a group of computers and are often tied to small computers with each other by lines of communication.

There are either in a single office or in one building or group of buildings close. Any computer can communicate with another computer in the network and use that computer sources such as a printer or the use of units Storage support itself, which saves time, effort and money.


Star model: in this case linked to different computers with a central computer called a server (Server) and any computer can connect to With any other computer through the central computer, which is usually associated with the volumes and the printer, which can be used by Any other computer in the network. The disruption of any of the computers in this type of networks does not affect the other computers, but if the central computer will crash Break down the entire network.


Sample episode: connecting computers in this case with each other in a circular motion without the benefit of a server computer. Distributed in this type of networking, storage and printers across the network. The disruption of any computer in this case leads to crash the entire network.


Linear model: this is the current link computers and storage units, printers, line joint contact Distributed in this type of network management functions on a network of different computers. Not to disrupt the network in the event of a crash computers. Can be any of the computers to communicate with any other computer in the network through the shared line, but must be verified that this line is busy securing the connection between any other computers in the network.

classification of networks as a way to link

Classification of networks as a way to link

Cable connection. - Cable Twisted-Pair is the most popular at the present time to clarify the link wire and be a valuable practice resembles a phone cord, but an 8 wire internal and not 2 as in the case of the phone, so named because all the wires of the eight IkunanMlfofan on each other is made up we have four pairs of origin eight wire. - Cable Coaxial Cable is the oldest and the speed is less and less space extending from the Twisted-Pair cable, and you can see a lot in the uses of wireless network. - Fiber Optics Cable Fiber optic fibers are made of pure glass, can be long and high, not exceeding a thickness of thick hair. Brings together many of these fibers in bundles in optical cables, and used to transport optical signals over long distances and very high speed.

wireless connection

Wireless connection

Metropolitan networks, MAN. A broad network WAN. Local area networks LAN. Personal Area Network PAN. Network storage SAN]