herman melville and nathaniel hawthorne n.
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Herman Melville and Nathaniel Hawthorne. By: Justin Lorenz & Kevin Rohm. The Romantics. Romanticism stresses the importance of feelings, imagination, self-expression, and individual creativity. What is Romanticism?. Born July 4, 1804 Salem, Massachusetts

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Romanticism stresses the importance of feelings, imagination, self-expression, and individual creativity

What is Romanticism?

nathaniel hawthorne

Born July 4, 1804 Salem, Massachusetts

Changed his name by adding a ‘w’ to disassociate from relatives including John Hathorne, who was a judge during the Salem Witch Trials

Graduated with Franklin Peirce, and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Created many works including: The Scarlet Letter, Twice-Told Tales, Tanglewood Tales, and Fanshawe

Nathaniel Hawthorne

Hawthorne’s works were much inspired by Puritan New England

Defined a Romance as being different from a novel by not being concerned with the possible course of ordinary experience

He combined history with symbolism and psychological themes

Hawthorne’s works belong to dark romanticism, tales that suggest guilt, sin and evil


Hawethornes works insist that mans’ inherited qualities include: guilt, sin, gluttony.

He would also express his views on ancient sin, guilt, and retributution

Later in his career Hawethorne would display his negative introspective on onthe transcendentalism movement

One of his critics Poe claims Hawethorne had plagiarized off of his works.

herman melville

Melville was born in New York on August 1st,1819

Herman’s mother also added an ‘e’ to the family name after Allan his father had died

The majority of Melville’s novels were initially published in the UK before coming to the USA

Melville is most famous for the timeless classic “Moby Dick.”

Herman Melville

During his life Melville was never successful earning only $10,000 in his writing career

Melville had an romantic theme throughout his novel that reconnected his characters to childhood

However, his novels are reaching higher levels of critism


In many of Melville’s novels there is a reoccurring theme of gender and sexuality

Many critics found a male-dominate social structure in his novels

His characters escaped to a man-only childhood

He also explores morality and often dives into the rights we should have and the human nature


Melville’s last great novel “Billy Budd” has become a staple in legal scholarship.

The book walks the line of morality and power. Where a captain falsely convicts a sailor to death to keep up his image

Melville cleverly names the ship “Rights of Man.”

He has amazing insight in this novel because he expresses human nature after corruption of power

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