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Flash from IHEP Meeting. Will report briefly on points Sugahara was impressed according to the program. Most reports can be downloaded, but password protected, because some of them are confidential before Feb. 8 th . http://ilcagenda.linearcollider.org

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Flash from ihep meeting
Flash from IHEP Meeting

Will report briefly on points Sugahara was impressed

according to the program.

Most reports can be downloaded, but password protected,

because some of them are confidential before Feb. 8th.


Please download presentations for yourself and read them

carefully, because those are so important!

And don’t trust on this flash!

R. Sugahara

February 8, 2007

1 st day
1st Day

  • Reports from GDE, ILCSC, Physics, RDR, DCB, Regions, and On EDR

  • One IR with push-pull scheme was approved by Physics group,

  • but they want to keep two IR scheme as an alternative

  • From DCB (by W. Bialowons)

    • Cost for super-quads in ML

      • Americas / Europe ~ 2.3 !

    • He said something must be wrong (misunderstanding?)

      • ML area looks having costing from 3 regions. Who made It?

    • He also said “there are more need to be understood in costing”

1 st day cont
1st Day (cont.)

  • on EDR (by B. Foster)

    • Reasonable statement and covered well what needed for the guideline

    • of discussions on EDR

    • He said:

    • need approval from FALC. But FALC will not be ready yet to define

    • EDR they need. So GDE has to assume the level of EDR to get approval.

  • We should learn from XFEL and ITER projects, although EDRs for these

  • projects are very different each other. Very detailed in XFEL and not

  • so detailed in ITER, as ITER had political aspects.

  • PM (Program Manager) is necessary

    • Necessity of PM and PMT was expressed from various groups

    • during the meeting, and Barry said “GDE is looking for PM and

    • PMT candidates. If you have any, please let us know” in his

    • Summary talk on the last day

On edr cont
on EDR (cont.)

  • Work Packages (WP) have to be defined by WP defining group

  • chaired by PM.

    • So, PM will be chosen soon

  • We have to think

    • How to transit from RDR to EDR

    • How to globalize steering of R&D

    • What is the role of PMT in R&D

  • Q: Who organize R&D? GDE or each region?

  • A: Some central control will be the best. How to transit is the

  • question

  • Q: How about the current matrix structure between Area Groups

  • and Technical or Global Groups?

  • A: Obviously not good in EDR. More engineering aspects should

  • be taken into. PMT will think about this.

  • Q: Many PMs are needed

  • A: Yes. Engineers should be involved (Barry)

2 nd day
2nd Day

Reports from RDB all through the day

S0 High gradient 35MV/m

S1 High gradient 31.5MV/m

S2 Linac test facility

S3 Damping Ring (wigglers, kickers)

S4 Beam Delivery System (IR super-Q, super-TFOct,

muon spoilers)

S5 e+ source (undulators)

S6 Control

S7 RF power source

2 nd day cont
2nd Day (cont.)

  • At the time of report on the outline of RDB activities, I pointed out

  • that each technical and global group has their own R&D items. And

  • some of them should not be divided into Areas such as kickers, and

  • survey and alignment technique. There will be such more items.

  • I think this was well understood.

  • On the last day, the survey and alignment group got a chance to give

  • a report on their activities, and recognized as a global group.

    • We should send a recommendation to the RDB on R&D items of

    • magnet system.

3 rd day
3rd Day

  • Parallel session all through the day

    • GDE-CE / DR / ML / BDS+MDI / CFS

  • Main Linac session in the afternoon

    • Session leader, Nikolay Solyak, showed slides sent by

    • John. He also showed a part of these slides on Work

    • Package Items and FTE needed in the summary session

    • on the last day.

    • He also showed the R&D program on quads at FNAL

    • Kiyosumi Tsuchiya showed KEK plan on quadrupole

    • development

    • Installation by Fred Asiri, and CFS by Tom Lakowsky

4 th day summary
4th Day; Summary

  • Each area and CFS group reported the summary of their discussion

    • ML / DR / Sources / BDS / CFS

  • N. Solyak presented a part of John’s slides in the report on ML

  • And M. Ross also presented thought of Magnet and Cryo group

  •  Magnet group’s thought was well understood by attendee

    • But, why Mark? And why only magnet and cryo-group?

  • Summary by B. Foster

    • Level of EDR, 30% or 100%?, will be defined later

      • R. Larsen discussed that the level of EDR would be clear in

      • some sense by defining the construction started two years

      • later after finishing EDR.

    • Necessity of PMand PMT

    • Some parts will be TS WP, such as survey and alignment systems

    • Uniformity across areas is needed

    • Funding will be through each Lab.

4 th day cont
4th Day (cont.)

  • Barry’s summary

    • He said “we will write down the definition of EDR”

    • Goal, getting ready for construction, has to be defined by

    • ourselves

    • Timeframe will be discussed on 8th

    • Will restructure GDE

      • Setting PM office

      • Strengthen system engineering

      • Continuity in Tehch. Sys.

    • On PM

      • More engineering oriented

      • Direct report to GDE head

    • ……………..

  • Should read his summary carefully, and should watch

  • the progress!