the bullfight by francisco goya n.
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The Bullfight by Francisco goya

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The Bullfight by Francisco goya - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Bullfight by Francisco goya. 5 th grade art smart – rosa parks. What is the first thing your eyes are drawn to?. What direction does your gaze travel in?. Who can come up & show me how with your finger?. What’s happening? What’s the mood?. vocabulary. Focal Point:.

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the bullfight by francisco goya

The Bullfightby Francisco goya

5th grade art smart – rosa parks


What is the first thing your eyes are drawn to?

What direction does your gaze travel in?

Who can come up & show me how with your finger?

What’s happening? What’s the mood?


Focal Point:

A focal point is the element in artwork that pulls in the viewer’s eye, that is the center of attention or the main subject. You can emphasize a focal point through the painting’s composition, through color, and through the range of tones you use.


An element of art: the flat path of a dot through space used by artists to control the viewer’s eye movement.


To create, form or design something by arranging parts to create a unified whole.


Social Commentary:

  • Art as social commentary is a major theme in modern and contemporary art.
  • The artist assumes the roles of reporter and analyst in an exploration of the nature of society.
  • Subjects from momentous historical events to everyday activities.
examples of social commentary
Examples of social commentary

“THE SUSPENDED TEACHERS were asked to speak at the student rally. The students wanted to know if there was “anything in the university that can’t stand discussion.”

Acting-President Wright forbade the teachers who had been suspended from addressing the student body, forbade the students from listening.”


francisco goya
Francisco Goya
  • Spanish born
  • 1746-1828
  • His father was his first art teacher.
  • Monks taught him etching.
  • At 30, he moved to Madrid, Spain & was commissioned to design tapestries.
  • He was influenced by Rembrandt’s use of light.
  • At 40, he became a court painter for Charles III and painted royal portraits.
  • He was an observer of nature & personality. He didn’t idealize subjects.
  • Illness lead to deafness in 1792 and he became dark & sarcastic.
  • He was profoundly affected by Napoleon’s invasion of Spain in 1808.
  • Most known for dark, dramatic depictions of the horrors of war & man’s inhumanity.
  • Died at the age of 82.
  • 9x12 Drawing Paper (2 per student)
  • Pencils & erasers
  • Black felt tip & sharpie markers
  • Goya was very interested in depicting the reality of events in his surroundings. He was greatly disturbed by war. He created works of art to comment on these horrors & perhaps educate others.
  • Fold on of papers into 4 sections. Draw 4 thumbnail sketches about aspects of their lives or world that bother them or need to be changed. Students may use words, but enourage them to use as few as possible.
  • Take strongest idea, enlarge & draw it on the 2nd piece of paper.
  • Once the sketch is refined, trace over it with black marker.
  • IDEAS: War, poverty, homeless, pollution/environment, bullying, peace, discrimination