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Conflicts. The Call of the Wild By: Jack London Presented By: Monisha G, Grace J, AJ . R and Adam C. Main Conflict in Chapter One- Say Goodbye.

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The Call of the Wild

By: Jack London

Presented By:

Monisha G, Grace J, AJ . R and Adam C

Main conflict in chapter one say goodbye
Main Conflict in Chapter One- Say Goodbye

  • In this chapter the main conflict starts off with Manuel. Manuel looses a lot of money due to continuous gambling. To rid his problem, and gain profit he resorts to kidnapping and selling Judge Miller’s dog, Buck. From the warm estate of Santa Clara Valley Buck is shifted to Klondike, Canada to hunt for gold. At this point Buck learns to never trust men and is suffering from the separation of his family.

Main conflict in chapter two the man with the red sweater
Main Conflict in Chapter Two- The Man With the Red Sweater

  • At this point of the novel, Buck is furious and vents his anger by trying to attack the man with the red sweater. However, to Buck’s surprise he receives a sudden beating with a club. Buck retaliates, but when death is certain he stops. Soon he learns the law of club and fang, and faces a new dilemma of an injured, bloodied body.


Main conflict in chapter three a fatal loss
Main Conflict in Chapter Three- A Fatal Loss

Dog fight

  • Now Buck is on a sled dog team, and his adversary, Spitz is lead dog. Spitz often tries to find ways to harm Buck. One night, a pack of wolves appear, and attack. Buck questions Spitz’s authority and starts a brutal fight. As a result, Spitz dies, and Buck takes his place.

Chapter four intense weight
Chapter Four-Intense Weight

  • When Buck occupies Spitz’s spot as lead dog, the team made record time. The dogs became famous. But, then, they are handed to a mailman carrying heavy packages. Their speed slows with the weight and it becomes laborious for Buck. They are treated well, but Dave has an unknown illness and dies.

Chapter five the new guys
Chapter Five-The New Guys




Now, Hal, Mercedes and Charles are the teams’ new owners. They are inexperienced and have an excessive load. The dogs cannot pull the sled so they unload half of the possessions. To pull the rest of the items the owners buy six more dogs. However, the new dogs slow down the team and after a while of running, and shortage of food, the dogs collapse. Restless, Hal beats Buck mercilessly, until John Thornton cuts his harness and rescues him.

Chapter six fingers crossed
Chapter Six- Fingers Crossed


  • In this chapter, a man named Matthewson, who has grown rich in the gold rush, bets a thousand dollars that Buck cannot pull his sled.  His sled is outside, loaded with a thousand pounds of flour.  Even John Thornton doubts that Buck will be able to pull the sled, but still bets on Buck. As a result, Buck pulls the sled.

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Chapter seven once loved now gone
Chapter Seven-Once Loved Now Gone

While Buck loves John Thornton, he also has an urge to go live in the wild.  Buck came back to camp one night, to find his loving master dead.

The end

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