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SOLUTION FOR MULTIPLE DIASTEMAS ( a case report) Julija Zarkova * Katerina Zlatanovska , Ana Radeska, Kiro Papakoca, Katerina Foteva University of Goce Delcev- Shtip , Faculty of Medical S ciences- Dental Medicine. Background.

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(a case report)

Julija Zarkova*Katerina Zlatanovska, Ana Radeska,

Kiro Papakoca, Katerina Foteva

University of Goce Delcev- Shtip, Faculty of Medical Sciences- Dental Medicine


Today’s esthetic dentistry considers that beauty is determined by perfectly arranged teeth without gaps in between, teeth with proportional dimensions, bright and shiny smile and healthy oral tissues.


  • The aim of this case report was to show our management of multiple diastemas with noninvasive method.

Fig 2. Appearance after tooth #8 reduction

Fig 1. Appearance before treatment

History of the case

A 37-year old male patient came to our clinic searching for fast and economic solution for his unsatisfactory smile appearance. Thought clinical examination multiple diastemas were found (around 2 mm wide or less) between central incisors, central and lateral incisor, lateral incisor and canine in the left and right maxillary quadrant and poor tooth proportion. There was an old direct composite veneer on the tooth number 8, which was removed because of the present discoloration and non esthetic look. (Fig 1. and Fig 2.)






Fig 3. Working procedure a) diagnostic wax-up; b) final impression; c) layering technique; d)Adoro® set

e) definitive polished veneers on cast


Clinical procedure

  • A wax- up was made for visualization and treatment plan (Fig 3.a). This case was additive, meaning that tooth reduction was not necessary. Final impressions were taken and sent to the laboratory where six veneers were made with technical composite (Adoro® Ivoclar Vivadent (Fig 3. b , c,d,e). After try-in the veneers were cemented adhesively, with total etch technique by light curing cement (Fig 4. and Fig 5.)

Fig 4. Try in procedure

Fig 6. New smile , definitive look

Fig 5. Appearance after cementing the veneers


Beside long term orthodontic and extensive prosthodontic treatment, multiple diastemas can be easily closed with very comfortable and nonaggressive solution, with highly esthetic results (Fig 6. and Fig 7.)To address the patient needs for most effective approach carefully documented diagnosis and treatment plan are essential.

Fig 8. After six mounts, there were no sings of any kind of changes

Fig 7. Before and After treatment