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Building Momentum with Windows Azure

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Building Momentum with Windows Azure - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Required Slide. SESSION CODE: COS209. Building Momentum with Windows Azure. Prashant Ketkar Sr. Director Microsoft Corporation. Agenda. Market Dynamics Facing Enterprises and How Cloud Can Help. Customer Examples. How We Have Started Thinking About Cloud Internally.

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building momentum with windows azure

Required Slide


Building Momentum with Windows Azure

Prashant Ketkar

Sr. Director

Microsoft Corporation


Market Dynamics Facing Enterprises and How Cloud Can Help

Customer Examples

How We Have Started Thinking About Cloud Internally

Cloud Assessment – Considerations for Moving to the Cloud

Continued Innovation

secular trends and market dynamics require enterprises and it to adapt ever faster
Secular Trends and Market Dynamics Require Enterprises and IT to Adapt Ever Faster


Hyper competition

  • Business
  • Value Drivers
  • Innovation
  • Speed to market
  • Efficient utilization of input
  • Value Inhibitors
  • Financial risk
  • Non-compliance
  • Stockouts


Value Drivers

Say “Yes” to the business

Speed of deployment

Elastic scale

High utilization

Value Inhibitors

High capex costs

Loss of customer data/privacy




Changing customer preferences

Exponential increase in innovation, data, & compute




Declining natural resources, increasing cost of inputs

the cloud and windows azure are helping enterprises meet these new imperatives
The Cloud and Windows Azure Are Helping Enterprises Meet These New Imperatives

Weeks, months

Hours or Days

Speed to Market

Own or Operate

Cloud, Windows Azure

3 yr depreciated assets

Opex, turn off at will

Financial Investment


~100% with dynamic scaling


Build new DC or colo

WW footprint (6 DCs plus CDN)





Application Programming

Automated ServiceManagement

High Availability


Scale Out

Windows Azure Fundamentals

cloud frees you from idle capacity due to demand side spikes
Cloud Frees You from Idle Capacity Due to Demand-Side Spikes



Query Volume

Jan 2009

Jan 2010

•• •

By using the cloud to scale up/down you can:

  • Meet the business cycle (diurnal or seasonal) without over provisioning
  • Reduce IT administration and power costs

Source: Microsoft, Alexa

tribune company
Tribune Company
  • Assets
    • 12 newspapers (Chicago Tribune, LA Times, Sun Sentinel)
    • 23 television stations
    • Over 50 websites
    • 32 data centers
    • Over 4,000 servers
    • 75,000 sq. ft. of raised floor
  • Reinventing themselves to stay relevant in a digital age
  • Moving to two data centers & the Windows Azure platform
what has the tribune company built
What has the Tribune Company built?



Content Processor (Queue)



(Web Role)

Content Ingestion Services



Content Processor(Worker Role)

Content(Blob Storage)

what is the business value to the tribune company
What is the Business Value to the Tribune Company?
  • Empowering Journalists to break news as it happens
  • Empowering IT professionals
  • Simplified service management
  • Faster, unlimited scalability
    • Automated scale out of compute resources
    • Elastic storage
The Windows Azure platform enables the Tribune Company to transform the future of traditional publishing
how we have started thinking about cloud
How We Have Started Thinking About Cloud
  • Microsoft as an enterprise has an extreme long tail of systems and deployed servers
  • Over 25% of our fleet is in these long-tail properties
  • Nearly 40% of these will age out in next 1-2 years
  • We are looking at replacing these with Windows Azure but needed a structured methodology

Number of Deployed Servers

Discrete LT properties

considerations for moving to cloud
Considerations for Moving to Cloud

While many applications can benefit from moving to the cloud, we found some may not

We found that most applications can be categorized into several areas


  • Applications that will provide value moving now,


  • Applications with other encumbrances or no financial benefit in moving,


Applications in which a subset of the functionality such as web tier makes sense to move


  • Projects that did not meet the financial hurdle rate to execute which could be opened up moving to the cloud

One of the biggest benefits of the cloud is the ability to try new business models that would previously have been subject to capex constraints

considerations for moving to cloud1
Considerations for Moving to Cloud

We have developed a Cloud Assessment so other enterprises can apply astructured thought process when moving to the cloud

Apply Business Considerations

Inventory IT Portfolio

Prioritize Opportunities

  • List of applications
  • Use assessment tool to apply 7 considerations
  • Target apps with lower SLAs, low migration costs and hybrid scenarios
  • Segment Applications by business tier, application taxonomy
  • Prioritize remaining apps using tool
  • Combine with managerial judgment
  • Get Quick Wins
continue the pace of innovation around customer needs
Continue the Pace of Innovation Around Customer Needs
  • Windows Azure Intro
  • Geo-location
  • Service Management API
  • Simple API for Cloud Services
  • OS Versioning
  • Zend support
  • TCO calculator
  • Available in 41 countries

Oct 08

April 09

  • Sept 09

Nov 09

  • Jan 10

April 10

  • Mar 09
  • May 09
  • Oct 09

Dec 09

  • Feb 10
  • May/June 10
  • Full Trust
  • 3rd party Fast CGI
  • Storage features: copy blob, api versioning
  • Live ID integration
  • Eclipse Toolkit
  • Java SDK
  • Diagnostics API
  • GA in 21 Countries
  • XDrive in Beta
  • CDN pricing
  • Intellitrace
  • .NET 4.0
  • OS upgrade
track resources
Track Resources
  • Windows Azure, Microsoft SQL Azure, Windows Azure platform AppFabric:
  • Learn More: Visit the Windows Azure Boot Camp, Room 396

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  • Sessions On-Demand & Community
  • Microsoft Certification & Training Resources

  • Resources for IT Professionals
  • Resources for Developers


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