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Satchel Paige. Day 1. Concept talk . How do we face personal challenges?. Partner Share. Discuss the question of the week with your partner Do you know people who have faced personal challenges? What books, movies, or TV shows feature people facing challenges?. Let’s Talk About.

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Concept talk
Concept talk

How do we face personal challenges?

Partner share
Partner Share

  • Discuss the question of the week with your partner

  • Do you know people who have faced personal challenges?

  • What books, movies, or TV shows feature people facing challenges?

Let s talk about
Let’s Talk About

Turn to page 110-111

Let’s look at the pictures .

  • What is the man in the race doing?

  • That hurdle is a barrier is in his way, and he has to get past it. Let’s add Physical barriers to our concept map

Let s talk about1
Let’s Talk About

  • What kind of challenge is the boy at the microphone facing?

  • He might be facing stage fright. Let’s add Social barriers to our concept map.

Let s talk about2
Let’s Talk About

  • How did Amelia Earhart accomplish so much?

  • Le’t add Important traits to our concept map.

  • How do we face personal challenges?


The story Teammates is about two men facing the challenge of discrimination.

Listen for the words:

  • Barrier

  • Endured

  • Hardships

  • hostility

Amazing words
Amazing Words

  • Endured- tolerated or suffered through

    Jackie Robinson endured verbal abuse, isolation, and death threats.

  • Barrier- a structure that obstructs a passage, an obstacle

  • The dense hedge created a barrier around the backyard.

Amazing words1
Amazing Words

  • Hardships- are things that make life difficult

  • Jackie Robinson faced many hardships as the first African American Major League baseball player.

  • Hostility- is unfriendliness, dislike or hatred

  • The dog showed hostility when it growled and bared its teeth.

Amazing words2
Amazing Words

Teach your partners what the amazing words mean

Fact and opinion
Fact and Opinion

  • A statement of fact can be proved true or false. How can I prove a statement is true?

  • An opinion cannot be proved true or false. What kinds of things do statements of opinion tell?

Fact and opinion1
Fact and Opinion

  • Today we are going to read about a league of African American baseball teams.

  • In paragraph 2, I see these facts: the first African American teams formed in 1882 and the players were paid.

  • I can check in an encyclopedia or book of sports history to verify whether these statements are true. This is a fact.

Fact and opinion2
Fact and Opinion

  • Then I see the statement that says these teams were more fun to watch. I can’t verify how much fun something is.

  • That tells an opinion-what the author thinks or feels

Satchel paige

Read the rest of the story “A Special League” .

Take the paper I gave you, fold it in half hot dog style. As you read write facts on the left, and opinions on the right.


With your partner read paragraph the story “A Special League”

Don’t stop until I tell you to.

Read aloud either together or one at a time.

Make sure to use good pacing and correct voice inflection


  • Confidence- firm belief in yourself

  • Fastball- a pitch thrown at high speed with very little curve


  • Mocking- describes something done in a way that laughs at or makes fun of someone

  • Outfield-part of the baseball field beyond the bases


  • Unique- something that is only one of a kind or is rare or remarkable

  • Weakness- a weak point or slight fault

  • Windup- a swinging movement of the arms while twisting the body just before pitching the ball


Adding –ed, -ing

This week we will use words that end with –ed and –ing


Let’s take our spelling pretest now.

Daily fix it
Daily Fix it

Lets take a look at our Daily Fix it


A simple sentence expresses a complete thought. It has a subject and a predicate.

The league formed in 1920.


A compound sentence contains two simple sentences joined by a comma and a conjunction such as and, but, or

The athletes played several games a day, and they traveled on a bus.


  • A complex sentence contains an independent clause, which can stand alone, and a dependent clause, which cannot stand alone.

  • The clauses are joined by a word such as if, when, because, until, before, after, or since

  • Many years would pass before the major leagues were integrated.


Newsletter Article: a nonfiction writing that gives you facts and details about a subject or person

Think about a person who is interesting to you. Write a news article about that person, giving details, facts, events and quotations to describe their experiences and personality


Lets look at the example of a newsletter article about a boxer named Muhammad Ali.

  • Newsletter articles present statements of fact and details.

  • Find a statement of fact in the model and circle it.


  • In a newsletter article, details and facts are added about a topic.

  • Underline the details and facts given to a support statement that Muhammad Ali is a legendary fighter.


  • Newsletter articles often include direct quotations to enhance the article

  • Draw a box around the direct quotations in the model