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Conference Background

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Conference Background - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Conference Background.

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Conference Background

The rough development in China chemical fertilizer industry has resulted in concentrated outbreak of production capacity contradictions in recent years, and the industry faces accelerated capacity reduction in 2014. Prices of most chemical fertilizer products continue falling this year, creating a 10-year low, and enterprises thus face seriously losses. Meanwhile, export situation of most domestic products also turns severe due to the loss of discourse power in international market, despite relaxing export policy in China. With excess supply and limited demand at home and abroad, China chemical fertilizer industry still faces unprecedented difficulties.

On the occasion of chemical fertilizer industry transformation, SCI sincerely invites associations, chemical fertilizer producers, traders, upstream and downstream enterprises, and futures companies to attend 2014 China Chemical Fertilizer Industry Seminar that will be held in the Spring City – Jinan, in September. The conference will build the widest communication, promotion and learning platform for vast customers, discussing industry hotspots together and seeking future development opportunities.

Bright Spots

  • 1. Interpretation of policy guidance from experts of national decision-making departments
  • 2.Deep analysis of chemical fertilizer products supply and demand structure development
  • 3.China new type fertilizer development prospect
  • 4.Interpretation of China urea futures from experts of futures company
  • 5.SCI exclusive data analysis

Contact: Wang Qingfei / Han Jian Tel: +86-533-7075626/7075621 Mobile: 18560299271/18560299301

Fax: +86-533-6294000 E-mail: [email protected] / [email protected]


September 2 (Tuesday)

Participants Registration

Communication and Business Negotiation

Welcome Dinner

Host Deliver A Welcoming Address

International Economic Development and Opportunity

1. International economy is showing signs of life via analyzing crude oil, coal and other bulk commodities movements.

2. China economy faces hidden troubles and industrial product development gets into hot water.

3. The development at home and abroad is linked closely, discussing China economic development opportunities.

China Chemical Fertilizer Industrial Policy Development

1. China agriculture policy development analysis

2. With tightening domestic preferential policy and relaxing export policy, China lost the export discourse power.

3. Future development analysis with relaxing export policy in China year by year

Tea Break

Analysis and prospect of China Urea and its Upstream and Downstream Market

1. China urea feedstock market analysis

2. Current China urea market status

3. China urea domestic demand prospect under limited downstream demand growth

4. China urea market outlook









September 3 (Wednesday)

Contact: Wang Qingfei / Han Jian Tel: +86-533-7075626/7075621 Mobile: 18560299271/18560299301

Fax: +86-533-6294000 E-mail: [email protected] / [email protected]









China Phosphatic and Compound Fertilizer Industry Status and Challenges

1. China phosphatic and compound fertilizer industry development analysis under excess capacity

2. Opportunity and challenge of phosphatic and compound fertilizer industry restructuring

Buffet Lunch

China Potassic Fertilizer Industry Development

1. Potassic fertilizer current status under excess supply

2. China potassic fertilizer import prospect under strengthening discourse power

3. Potassic fertilizer development opportunity under supply and demand structure evolution

China New Type Fertilizer Development Prospect

1. Chemical fertilizer industry faces difficulty in development and new type fertilizer has sprung up.

2. Problems and challenges China new type fertilizer faces

3. China new type fertilizer development prospect

China Urea Futures Study

1. It is just the time to launch urea futures in China

2.China urea futures interpretation

SCI Urea Warning Index and Exclusive Data Release

1. SCI urea warning index introduction

2. SCI exclusive data release

Buffet Dinner

Contact: Wang Qingfei / Han Jian Tel: +86-533-7075626/7075621 Mobile: 18560299271/18560299301

Fax: +86-533-6294000 E-mail: [email protected] / [email protected]

Confirmation Letter

Contact: Wang Qingfei / Han Jian Tel: +86-533-7075626/7075621 Mobile: 18560299271/18560299301

Fax: +86-533-6294000 E-mail: [email protected] / [email protected]