offering different alternatives to the late night experience n.
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-Offering Different Alternatives to the Late Night Experience-. Max Redmann , Dan McConnell, Dipa Gurung. Big Dipa & Associates. Our Goal:. To put a new spin on the Late Night Kise concept in order to increase participation on campus.

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offering different alternatives to the late night experience
-Offering Different Alternatives to the Late Night Experience-

Max Redmann, Dan McConnell, DipaGurung

Big Dipa & Associates

our goal
Our Goal:
  • To put a new spin on the Late Night Kise concept in order to increase participation on campus.
  • Find new ways of attracting both students and faculty.
  • 45 people surveyed; 15 males and 30 females
  • 18 upper classmen
  • 27 under classmen
  • Everyone involved had heard about Late Night
  • Everyone who had purchased meal plans would attend more if plan covered Late Night option
based off research
Based off research…
  • Students know about Late Night but not all attend
  • If meal plans covered Late Night, attendance would improve
  • Students want a place to study in the evenings over a place of entertainment
  • Opinion of food is relatively good, but most had no comment
  • Based off our results, we believe that students want a NEW environment to study, eat and socialize.
  • Late Night Kise is just not appealing enough to students to keep attendance up and steady
new name the union lounge
New Name! “The Union Lounge”
  • Strategy: To offer a new option for late night food that offers fast service, great food, and student collaboration
  • Theme:

Welcome to your night

the food
The Food:
  • Add salad bar
  • Healthier options along with current food that’s offered

- gluten free products

- organic foods

  • Advocate
  • Poster’s
    • -located in: CMU, Kise, Dorms, etc.
  • “Footsteps”
  • Banners
  • Flyer’s



  • Facebook
  • Scan Codes
  • Punch Cards
  • Use of MSUM Meal Plans
  • “Demo” Night
  • Opening Week Specials
  • Weekly Drawing
  • All Campus E-mail lists

Punch Cards

Scan Code App

-Apply to:





media expense chart
Media Expense Chart

Total:$ 8,649

production payment
Production Payment:

Total: $5,750

promotion budget
Promotion Budget:

Total: $3,400.00

in conclusion
In Conclusion:
  • The Union Lounge is a newly relocated late night event
  • Offers new healthy salad bar and organic foods
  • Will be advertised through multiple media outlets on campus.
  • This will be a brand new way of enjoying the late night food options and will put a new face on staying up!
thank you
Thank you!
  • We at Big Dipa & Associates would like to thank you for all you time and attention
  • Have a great day!!