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RISCO Agility, PIR Cam & Cloud PowerPoint Presentation
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RISCO Agility, PIR Cam & Cloud

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RISCO Agility, PIR Cam & Cloud - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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RISCO Agility, PIR Cam & Cloud
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  1. RISCO Agility, PIR Cam & Cloud Combined Presentation

  2. RISCO Group • Over 30 years of experience in the market • Over 600 employees worldwide • 11 branches in 4 continents • Sales in over 60 countries • Design, Develop & Market • Award winning products • Large manufacturing facilities • Focus for technological innovation • Passion for caring solutions • Solutions for small homes to multi-national integrated solutions

  3. Agility

  4. Agility - Overview

  5. Agility - Specification • 32 wireless zones from the main panel • Two radio channels for PIR Camera images and alarm signals • I/O Expander providing extra 4x Inputs (Zones) and 4x Outputs • 3 partitions • Up to 3 LCD wire free keypads with proximity tag reader • Up to 8 Remote Control key fobs • 32 user codes • Flexible communication options: • PSTN Conventional phone connection for key holder or monitoring station alert • GSM/GPRS Text, email and secure GPRS-IP communication • IP Secure IP communication using the premises ADSL connection • 250 event log • Wide range of compatible accessories • Exceeds EN50131 Grade 2 requirements

  6. Agility – You’re In Control • Attractive 2-way LCD key pad • Built-in proximity reader • Simple menu structure adapts to user • Optional IP65 External key pad • Smart 2-Way key fob • Simple 1-Way key fob • Control via SMS command • iPhone & Android App

  7. PIR Camera

  8. PIR Camera - Overview • Fully wire free PIRs with integrated cameras are installed within the premises along side other wire free devices • As the system arms, the camera takes an image as the “before” picture • When the PIR detects the event, the alarm is signalled as normal to the key holder or monitoring centre • The integrated camera records still or moving images, then transmits them to the panel using a new and separate radio channel and then off site using the panels GPRS or IP card. • This second channel is unique to RISCO and prevents signals being missed.

  9. PIR Camera – Image Delivery Images leave the GPRS or IP modules of the Agility and travel via the internet to a http web server which can be accessed . . . Monitoring Station Web Management Smart Phone

  10. PIR Camera – Monitoring Station RISCO can support the integration of PIR Camera into the MS supporting SIA IP The Agility panel will send an event, the operator will see the regular report and next to it a "picture message" that refers him to the folder where the pictures are located. To view the pictures the operator need to access the web site manually

  11. PIR Camera – Key Holder RISCO’s PIR Camera can support follow me messaging, passing the event message directly to the 16 key holders The Agility panel will send an event message (if defined) that includes a link to the folder of pictures Using a smart phone or internet browser, images can be viewed from our Web Server

  12. PIR Camera - Specification • Fully wire free PIR in iWAVE design with integrated camera • Up to 15m x 15m PIR coverage • Digital Signal Processing • True Temperature Compensation • Colour or Mono camera with 320x240 pixels QVGA resolution • Up to 10m camera coverage with 85° lens • Still image or video • Automatic Infra-Red illumination in low light conditions • Wall and cover tamper detection • Two 3V CR123A lithium batteries provide up to 3 year typical battery life (use dependent)

  13. PIR Camera – Operation Modes • Still Image mode • Image type: JPEG • Number of images: Pre Alarm & 1/3/5/n post alarm • Resolution: VGA (640x480)/QVGA (320x240) • Compression rate: 1:5/10/15/20 • Frames per second: Image per 0.5/1/2 seconds • IR Illumination: Disabled/Enabled • Image: Colour/Mono • Video Mode (Differential JPEG Mode) • Image type: MJPG • Recording time: Pre Alarm & 5/10/n seconds post alarm • Resolution: QVGA (320x240) • Compression rate: 1:5/10/15/20 • Frames per second: Image per 0.5/1 second • IR Illumination: Disabled/Enabled • Image: Colour/Mono

  14. PIR Camera - Design iWAVE Wire Free PIR iWAVE PIR Camera iWAVE PIR Camera

  15. PIR Camera – Images Comparing a number of images from the following cameras Sony 10.2mp DSLR RISCO PIR Camera Blackberry Bold 3.2mp

  16. PIR Camera – Images Images of a bright, sunny room – PIR Cam adjusts to provide a clear picture, a wide angle of coverage and a small file size Sony 10.2mp DSLR RISCO PIR Camera Blackberry Bold 3.2mp

  17. PIR Camera – Images Images of a darker room without a flash – PIR Cam adjusts to provide a clear and bright picture, a wide angle of coverage and a small file size Sony 10.2mp DSLR RISCO PIR Camera Blackberry Bold 3.2mp

  18. PIR Camera – Images The difference between darker and lighter rooms with PIR Cam is virtually ignored Sony 10.2mp DSLR RISCO PIR Camera

  19. PIR Camera – Images As the images with be sent off site via a GPRS connection, the file size must be kept small to allow fast transmission and to manage costs, whilst maintaining the best possible image quality Sony 10.2mp DSLR 3,911kb approx. Blackberry Bold 3.2mp 343kb approx. RISCO PIR Camera 32kb approx. £ £

  20. Cloud

  21. RISCO Cloud - Delivery GPRS IP Event Delivery User Control Installer & ARC Control LAN IP Delivery

  22. RISCO Cloud – Your Interface • Attractive interface accessible through any web browser • Clearly laid menu’s with your own corporate themes

  23. RISCO Cloud – Your Control • Amend user codes and authority • Add or change the system alerts • View the event log • Bypass or re-instate zones • Control automation • View your premises

  24. iRISCO

  25. iRISCO App – Control Wherever • Email and SMS event notification • Video verification of alarm event • Control of automation • Arm & Disarm remotely • Opportunities for further sales with targeted advertising opportunities RISCO Agility: 09/03/11 – 21:34 Intruder alarm House: 02 Hall Detector **Special Offer** 10% Discount on home insurance RISCO

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