1810 1850 the underground railroad n.
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1810-1850 The Underground Railroad PowerPoint Presentation
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1810-1850 The Underground Railroad

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1810-1850 The Underground Railroad - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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1810-1850 The Underground Railroad. By: Aaryn Griggs. Definition. It is secret route to help slaves escape from the south to the north and Canada. This was before th e American Civial War. Fugitives .

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1810-1850 The Underground Railroad

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    1. 1810-1850The Underground Railroad By: Aaryn Griggs

    2. Definition.. • It is secret route to help slaves escape from the south to the northand Canada. This was before the American Civial War

    3. Fugitives The fugitives and slaves used the north star to guide them. A Fugitives is a person running away from custody or danger. They would hide the fugitives in barns, attics and other secret locations. The places where fugitives were kept were called lines. The Fugitives helped the slaves also escape to Canada through The underground railroad.

    4. Robert Purvis • Robert Purvis was a black abolitionist born August 4th,1810. His parents were a free black women and a British cotton immigrant merchant. He was against slavery and was one of the leading organizers of the underground railroad. He was considered the “President” of the underground railroad.

    5. The Escape Many free blacks and former slaves helped the slaves escape from the south to the northern states and Canada. Canada was a popular place to go when escaping slavery.

    6. Harriet Tubman • Harriet Tubman was born enslaved, she liberated herself. She was an abolitionist and helped many slaves escape slavery through the underground railroad. • One of her nicknames were “Minty” they called her minty because her orginalname was Araminta Ross and picked up the nickname as a child. • Another one of her nicknames were Moses. They called her Moses because Moses led his people out of slavery in Egypt, just like Harriet did with the slaves in The Underground Railroad.

    7. Video! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=60oFmPwLz8U