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Cones and Cores PowerPoint Presentation
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Cones and Cores

Cones and Cores

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Cones and Cores

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  1. Cones and Cores Library media information supporting implementation of the “Common Core”

  2. Find that Lexile We need to encourage more rigorous reading, add more expository text, and include lexile leveled materials.

  3. If want to use something that is not lexiled for you, a book, a newspaper, or magazine, then you can use the lexile analyzer

  4. Save the paragraphs to the desktop in “plain text” format . Browse for the file and submit.

  5. It is analyzed and you get the results. Ryabov’s first big break came in 1978, when he tracked down the eldest son of Yakov Yurovsky, the man who’d been in charge of guarding the Romanovs in Ekaterinburg. To Ryabov’s delight, the younger Yurovsky handed him a copy of his father’s report on the execution. The report confirmed the Bykov version—in which the bodies were buried, not burned. Better yet, it included a precise description of the burial place: about twelve miles northwest of Ekaterinburg. Ryabov’s second break was teaming up with a local man, Alexander Avdonin, who knew his way around Ekaterinburg and was equally interested in finding the bodies. On May 30, 1979, again to his delight but also to his horror, Ryabov uncovered three skulls and assorted other human bones just where the Yurovsky report said they’d be. But now Ryabov and Avdonin got nervous; this was still pre-glasmost, and they were none too sure how the authorities would react to the discovery of the Romanov bones, if indeed that’s what these were. Ryabov and Avdonin decided to return the bones to their burial place, and they swore not to tell anyone what they’d found until times had changed.

  6. Typical Reader Measures, by Grade • Grade Reader Measures, Mid-Year • 25th percentile to 75th percentile (IQR) • 1 Up to 300L • 2 140L to 500L • 3 330L to 700L • 4 445L to 810L • 5 565L to 910L • 6 665L to 1000L • 7 735L to 1065L • 8 805L to 1100L • 9 855L to 1165L • 10 905L to 1195L • 11 and 12 940L to 1210L

  7. Ms. Kalstrom, 61, plays Ms. Brown in period dress in a new Titanic exhibit at the Molly Brown House Museum here in Denver, where the Browns once lived. In April, Ms. Kalstrom will embark from Southampton, England, on a re-enactment of the Titanic’s fatal cruise, planning to lead fireside chats as Molly — formally known as Margaret — and blogging along the way. Howard Owens, an accountant near Riverside, Calif., who also admits to a Titanic fascination since childhood, is taking the plunge, too. He will be on the sold-out cruise with Ms. Kalstrom and more than 1,300 other passengers, guest lecturers and authors. On the evening of April 14, the Balmoral cruise ship will arrive at the spot where the Titanic sank 100 years ago. A memorial service will be held there at 2:20 a.m. on April 15, when the Titanic went down. Mr. Owens, 56, and his wife, Terry, spent close to $11,000 each for the 12-night crossing, which will also require him to shut down his office at the worst possible time. “A client of mine said, ‘Why would you close at the middle of the tax season?’ I said, ‘I didn’t pick the day the Titanic sank,’ ” Mr. Owens said. “I have to be there. I just have to.” A Titanic wave of myth, memory and moneymaking is about to wash and slosh over the planet. There may be no escape. In some places, the frenzy has already begun. At “Titanic: The Experience,” in Orlando, Fla., a “Jack and Rose look-alike contest” was held this month — in honor, or promotion, of the characters in the 1997 hit movie, which is returning in 3D format in time for the anniversary. New York Times

  8. How have book jobbers helped us toward our goals? Perma-Bound Books This site does not require you to set up an account to search.

  9. Next: click on the dark blue tab “State Standards”

  10. Click on Language Arts, and then select the grade level to look at.

  11. Standards are listed and blue text below takes you to reading materials you might want to use.

  12. Advanced Search for Lexiled Materials on Perma-bound site At PB home page, click on the advanced search.

  13. You can then click on a title and reading information for more details.