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VOCABULARY TO LEARN . UNIT 2 LEVEL 3. absolute. (adjective) complete, perfect, outright, without limit, He is an absolute monarch. absolute. Absolute Value. Absolute Zero. absolutely. (Adverb) without exception; completely; wholly; entirely, positively ; certainly, very

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  2. absolute (adjective) complete, perfect, outright, without limit, He is an absolute monarch.

  3. absolute Absolute Value Absolute Zero

  4. absolutely (Adverb) • withoutexception;completely; wholly; entirely, positively; certainly, very • You are absolutely right. “ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS”

  5. academic (adjective or noun) 1. (Adjective) a college, academy, school, or othereducational institution, “academic requirements” 2. (Noun) astudentorteacherat a college or university

  6. assist (verb) To give aid, or to help Please assist them with their studies.

  7. assistance (Noun) the actof helping; aiding or supporting. She is giving her son some assistance with his homework.

  8. assistant (noun) a personwhoassists or gives aidandsupport; helper. She is her assistant. A nurse’s assistant.

  9. assistant Personal assistant Administrative assistant

  10. assistant Office Assistant Dental Assistant

  11. assistant Medical Assistant Assistance Dog for the Blind

  12. avoid • verb(usedwith object) 1. to keep away from; keep clear of; shun: to avoid a person; to avoid danger. • 2. to prevent from happening: to avoid falling.

  13. avoid

  14. avoid

  15. avoidable (adjective) Something which can be avoided; something to be kept away from It is an avoidable situation.

  16. colleague (noun) a fellow worker or member of a staff, department, profession, etc. She is my colleague.

  17. construct (Verb and noun) • Verb: to build He constructed a building. 2. Noun: image, theory or idea E=MC2 is a theoretical construct.

  18. construction • noun • 1. the act of building. • 2. the way in which a thing is constructed: • It is a building ofsolidconstruction. • 3. a structure, building • 4.theoccupation or industry of building: • He works in construction.

  19. exact (adjective) • Accurate, correct, precise. It’s an exact likeness. Give me an exact description. It’s the exact sum. It’s on that exactdate.

  20. exactly (Adverb) in an exactmanner; precisely;accurately. He made this exactly right.

  21. frequent (adjective) Many times, repeatedly, constant, habitual, or regular There are frequent flights to Dubai.

  22. frequency (noun) occurs many times or rate of occurrence The doctor has increased the frequency of her visits.

  23. frequently (adverb) often;manytimes; Here’s the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  24. indicate Verb a sign of; to show, make known, to say I’ll indicate a place on a map. The thermometerindicates air temperature. He indicated his approval.

  25. indicator (Noun) FUEL INDICATOR a pointer on the dial of an instrument to show pressure, temperature, speed, volume, etc.

  26. Indicator Light Battery Indicator

  27. indicator Pressure Indicator (Gas) Ph Indicator (soil)

  28. indication • noun • 1. to indicate or point out, as a sign. • 2. Medicine/Medical. A symptom that shows the presence of a disease. The EKG shows indications of heart trouble.

  29. indicative adjective showing, signifying, or pointing out; suggestive These symptoms are indicative of heart trouble.

  30. lecture (noun) a speech for a class, especiallyforinstruction This is a lecture on business.

  31. lecturer (noun) 1. a person who give a speech or lecture. 2. University teacher He is a lecturer at the university.

  32. link Noun Verb To connect • part of a chain • a communications system, radio, television station. • a cuff link Link together

  33. link Cuff Link Link of a Chain

  34. link Link of a Necklace Communications Link

  35. logic (noun) Reason, judgment, truth; method of reasoning; the system of knowledgeor study. The logic of the facts.

  36. logic Logic Circuit (Computers) Logic of Math

  37. logic Logic Programming Logic Model

  38. logical (adjective) Mathematical, reasonable, expected, or pertaining to logic. He is a logical person.

  39. logically (adverb) To do or think in a mathematical or methodical way. He thinks logically.

  40. mistake (noun) an error Please don’t make any mistakes on your IELTS exam.

  41. mistaken (Adjective) wrong, erroneous, incorrect This is a mistakenanswer.

  42. mistakenly (adverb) Done in a wrong, erroneous, incorrect manner. She was mistakenly identified as someone else.

  43. obtain (verb) to get, acquire, or procure to obtain permission; to obtain a better income Obtain some cash

  44. obtain Obtain Benefits Obtain permission

  45. obtain Obtain a Promotion Obtain Qualifications Obtain a Diploma

  46. obtain Obtain a Passport Obtain Citizenship

  47. obtainable (adjective) Able to obtain Can get Can receive A good job is obtainable in the UAE.

  48. remove (verb) • to move; take away, to take off , to send away; to dismiss • to remove one's jacket. • to remove a tenant. • They removed him from office.

  49. remove Remove Program Remove Shoes

  50. remove Remove gloves Remove Nail Polish

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