welcome 8th graders mrs segraves 2013 2014 n.
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WELCOME!!! 8th Graders Mrs. Segraves 2013-2014 PowerPoint Presentation
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WELCOME!!! 8th Graders Mrs. Segraves 2013-2014

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WELCOME!!! 8th Graders Mrs. Segraves 2013-2014 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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WELCOME!!! 8th Graders Mrs. Segraves 2013-2014. Policies and Procedures. What Do I Do If/When….?. Take notes on your own paper, using Cornell Notes style. Keep this page ELA binder. DO NOT throw away.

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what do i do if when
What Do I Do If/When….?
  • Take notes on your own paper, using Cornell Notes style.
  • Keep this page ELA binder. DO NOT throw away.
  • Please have your supplies by Tuesday. We will complete a binder check for a grade next week, today’s notes will go in your binder after you obtain a parent signature on pg. 1.
entering class
Entering Class
  • Enter the room at a walk and be seated in your assigned seat before the bell rings.
  • Keep your hands off of other people and their belongings.
  • You should be working on the warm-up by the time the bell rings.
          • NOTE: Once the bell rings and I close the door, you are tardy if you are not in your assigned seat (no excuses).
          • At no time take anything from my desk or proceed beyond my desk without specific instructions to do so. Thank you.
what if i am tardy
What If I Am Tardy?
  • Enter the room quietly and sign into the log book.
  • I don’t need to know why you are late, but if you want to discuss it (with me or other students), please wait until after class.
  • Place your pass on my desk, take your seat, and begin working.
leaving class
Leaving Class
  • You are expected to be in your seat and working until given permission to clean up and leave. Do not stop working early; we don’t have time to spare.
  • Everyone is responsible for making sure trash is cleaned up and checking tables.
      • NOTE: The bell does not dismiss you; I do. The bell, if there is one, is to remind me that you need to be dismissed. Wait until your table is dismissed to get up, then push in your chair and walk to the door.
hall passes
Hall Passes
  • Please take care of bathroom and water needs between classes.
  • In an emergency, you may raise your hand and request a pass. You will repay the lost class time by serving an unofficial time-out at lunch. Failing to show up will cause the time-out to become official.
      • NOTE: If you leave the room unescorted during class for any reason, you must sign out in the log book and have a pass. You must sign back in when you return.
if you suddenly become ill
If You Suddenly Become ill
  • Let me know (even if it’s just by pointing), and then go.
  • I will notify the nurse and office.
  • If you can not make it to the bathroom, take a trashcan and try to get to the hallway.
emergency evacuations
Emergency Evacuations
  • If an alarm goes off, stay calm and silent, so you can hear instructions.
  • Push in chairs and line up. You may take a jacket, if you already have it with you.
  • No stops at bathroom, water fountains, or lockers.
  • NO talking in the line. Stay with your class.
daily supplies
Daily Supplies
  • You are expected to have the following materials EVERY day:
    • ELA binder and spiral
    • Notebook paper
    • Pencil
    • Red pen
    • Highlighters
  • If you do not have something, try to borrow one from a peer. If you have to borrow from me, it will count as “not prepared.”
        • Exception: golf pencils are always available on the counter, and using one will not be considered “not prepared.”
sharpening pencils
Sharpening Pencils
  • Handheld sharpeners should be used for all colored pencils, do NOT use the mounted sharpener.
  • Empty shavings in the trash. If you make a mess clean up after yourself.
tissue issues
Tissue Issues
  • Do not disrupt instruction by asking for permission to get tissue or use hand sanitizer; go straight to the nearest tissue box, and straight back.
  • If you know you will need tissues, please take two or three at a time to avoid having to get back up.
      • Note: Dispose of tissue in trash containers, not in desks, or on the floor.
when people come in
When People Come In
  • From time to time, staff, other teachers, or other students may enter the room while we are having class. We will continue class.
  • Do not:
      • Wave
      • Talk to them
      • Get off task or stop working
  • DO continue working as if nothing happened.
  • All papers turned in to me will have the following heading in the upper right corner, unless otherwise directed:
    • Name (first and last)
    • Date
    • Period
    • Team
    • Heading or Title (will be centered on the top line of the paper)
homework turn in
Homework Turn-In
  • When I call for homework to be handed in, pass it to the inside of the table.
  • The first person on the end will make sure all papers face the same direction.
  • After I pick up homework, the following late penalties apply:
          • Same day turn in to basket = -5 pts
          • 1 day late = -10 pts
          • 2 days late = -20 pts
          • 3 days late = -30 pts
          • 4-10 days late = maximum grade 50
          • NOTE: homework more than 10 days late will not be accepted. It is “DOA” (Dead On Arrival)
missed work due to absence
Missed Work Due to Absence
  • YOU are responsible for getting work you missed.
  • Check the make up box or board; your assignments should be there. Write “Absent” under the heading on any assignments you turn in from the day(s) you were absent.
  • Check Parent Portal on a regular basis to insure that you do not have any missing assignments . Remember, YOU are responsible for finding out what you missed.
          • You have 3 days to turn in makeup work (except in the event of an extended absence); after three days, it becomes late and penalties apply.
corrections and retakes minor grades
Corrections and Retakes – Minor Grades
  • Minor and major grades that are above 70, may not be corrected or retaken.
  • Minor grades below 70 may be corrected for 1/2 points back (for a maximum 70) before the DOA date, provided the assignment was turned in on time. There is also the option of a 30 minute tutorial and alternate assignment for full credit.
  • No points for corrections will be awarded without the following:
      • original paper must be turned in with the corrections,
      • the entire question and correct answer will be handwritten for each problem missed
      • an explanation for why that is the correct answer (the place it was found in the book, notes, etc. or the reasoning process behind selecting it) in complete sentences.
corrections and retakes major grades
Corrections and Retakes – Major Grades
  • Minor and major grades that are above 70, may not be corrected or retaken.
  • For major grades below 70 only, a 30 minute reteach tutorial and an alternate short-answer retake for full points may be taken before DOA, or corrections to the original test may be made (as stated previously for minor grades) for 1/2 credit.
while you work
While You Work
  • Stay in your seat unless otherwise directed or given permission to get up. (Exception: tissues and sharpening pencil)
  • Do not disturb other students by talking, touching, throwing things, or any other disruption.
  • Follow all school and class rules.
if you need help or do not understand or did not hear
If You Need Help or Do Not Understand or Did Not Hear
  • Try reading the instructions on the page, if there is one.
  • Wait until I am done giving instructions, and then ask one of your peers at the same table.
  • Use the cup system or raise your hand.
  • Tuesday afternoons, and Wednesday mornings.
  • Other days and times by appointment only, at least 24 hours in advance.
  • Ask for a tutorial pass.
  • Sign in and out so that there is a record of you being in tutorials and the reason.
class discussions
Class Discussions
  • Be respectful to everyone. Remember, put ups, not put downs.
  • One person in the group talks at a time.
  • Keep your volume to the lowest level that is appropriate for your group size. Partners should always be at level 1 or 2. Tables should be at level 2. Discussions with the entire class should be at a 3.
  • If rules and procedures can not be followed that you will be removed to independent work.
  • Cellphones should be turned off and placed in your locker during the school day.
  • If your cellphone is seen or heard, it will be taken up and turned in to the office.
      • NOTE: Please refer to the posted cell phone discipline policy.
substitute teachers
Substitute Teachers
  • Follow all instructions and treat the substitute with all the respect you would for a regular teacher. Be on your very BEST behavior!
  • Any notes left by the sub about bad behavior will result in double discipline measures.
        • For example, if you are on lunch detention level, and you get a bad note from a sub, you will serve TWO lunch detentions.
  • Certain issues have their own discipline chart. They are posted, and include gum chewing, tardies, cell phones.
  • For all other issues, the discipline steps follow, and three of the same level moves you to the next step for the next offense:
        • Written Warning
        • Time Out
        • Lunch Detention
        • Office Referral
having a great year
Having a Great Year
  • This year could be one of the best years ever; I’m counting on all of you to help make it great by staying focused, coming in with a good attitude, and taking care of business!
  • Don’t hesitate to come talk to me about anything.
  • I am looking forward to a fantastic year with each of you and I am truly excited to see you grow academically! I believe in each one of you.