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Gary Geraci , President | 617-242-1025 | PowerPoint Presentation
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Gary Geraci , President | 617-242-1025 |

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Gary Geraci , President | 617-242-1025 | - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Customized Wealth Building Strategies For Investors. Gary Geraci , President | 617-242-1025 | About Geraci Capital Management . Provides clients with discretionary and non-discretionary financial advisory services

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Gary Geraci , President | 617-242-1025 |

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    1. Customized Wealth Building Strategies For Investors Gary Geraci, President | 617-242-1025 |

    2. About Geraci Capital Management • Provides clients with discretionary and non-discretionary financial advisory services • Located at 23 Cook Street, in Charlestown, MA • Founded as an LLC in June 2009 by Gary Geraci and is recognized by the Mass State Securities Board as a Registered Investment Advisor • The company specializes in top-down, tactical asset allocation • Scottrade is the primary broker and custodian, providing clients with accounting, tax, and account maintenance services • Assets are also managed at secondary broker and custodian locations, including TD Ameritrade, Fidelity, and Charles Schwab Gary Geraci, President | 617-242-1025 |

    3. About the Investment Manager • Gary Geraci is the President and Investment Manager at Geraci Capital Management • His investment management style is best described as ‘value oriented’ and ‘contrarian’ • The manager believes that markets are inefficient, often mispricing asset values, providing investors with potentially market beating risk adjusted returns • He invests based on the fact that we are in a secular bull market in hard assets. The manager also believes that coincident worldwide policy error is a high probability future event due to ongoing interest rate repression, exploding sovereign debt levels and money printing, which requires a tactical and highly selective approach to the asset allocation process. • Mr. Geraci has nearly 2 decades of financial services experience, most notably holding positions as a founder and CFO of a venture backed Internet company, and as a founder and President of an Investor Relations consultancy • Previously licensed Series 7 and 63 for a position at a securities brokerage firm • Mr. Geraci received an MBA with a concentration in finance from Bentley’s McCallum Graduate School of Business in 1999 • Mr. Geraci received a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in political science and minor in economics from the University of Rochester in 1994 Gary Geraci, President | 617-242-1025 |

    4. Client Benefits • Low Cost Fee Structure: • Fees are limited to a percentage of assets under management for discretionary accounts or based on a pre-negotiated flat fee for non discretionary, advisory services • No commissions, loads, or distribution fees ever charged by Advisor • Discounted transaction costs on trades charged by broker • Individual security and ETF selection whenever possible, for low cost, and efficient investing • Peace of Mind – Client assets are held at Scottrade, an SIPC insured, well known financial institution with 3 decades of operating history • Conflict-free Counsel • Unparalleled Client Services • Continuous Access to Market Moving Financial Information: • Market Navigator investment newsletter • Periodic Inter-quarterlyupdates on tactical investment ideas • Quarterly portfolio updates, providing clients with explanations involving additions and deletions to managed portfolios Gary Geraci, President | 617-242-1025 |

    5. Company Differentiators • An economically efficient and low cost transaction model • Top-Down (macro), Tactical Asset Allocation • A contrarian, value oriented, and opportunisticviewpoint of the investment process • Flexibly tailored portfolios to meet client risk profiles: • Long and short strategies • Portfolio insurance and alternative investments, including precious metals, foreign currencies, and commodities • Laddered fixed income portfolios • Balanced portfolios • Concentrated sector focused portfolios • A rifle as opposed to shotgun approach to investing Gary Geraci, President | 617-242-1025 |

    6. Sampling of Prior Tactical Calls • Purchased a basket of undervalued dividend paying, US multi-national equities yielding over 5%; Q4 2009, Market Navigator • Identified a buying opportunity in NYMEX crude and increased positions in undervalued foreign oil stocks; May 18, 2010, Inter-Quarterly Update • Increased holdings of gold and gold stocks, platinum and silver; February 17, 2011, Inter-Quarterly Update • Profitably reduced silver positions prior to 35% correction. Subsequently re-built positions; May 6, 2011, Inter-Quarterly Update • Reduced equity positions while increasing short exposure; May 16, 2011, Inter-Quarterly Update; eliminated virtually all short positions in September 2011, prior to S&P’s 15% rally into year end • In a March 16, 2012 Inter-QuarterlyUpdate, I alerted subscribers that the bond bond market was about to top out, approximately 4 months prior to occurring • In a July 29, 2013 Inter-QuarterlyUpdate, I alerted subscribers that we were entering a new period of economic stagflation and provided investment ideas as to how investors might prosper accordingly Gary Geraci, President | 617-242-1025 |

    7. Targeting Investable Trends • The gradual disintegration of the US Dollar’s reserve currency status and its de-emphasized central role in the international monetary system. The collapse of the post Breton Woods global currency regime and the rise of monetary assets. • The impact of currency debasement and competitive devaluation on the investment landscape • The financial market impact of worldwide demographic shifts, climate change, depletion and commodity supply shortages • The unintended consequences of misguided government fiscal and monetary policies leading to potential policy error, including funding and currency crises • The destabilizing impact of money printing on trade patterns, living standards, civil obedience, and geopolitical stability Gary Geraci, President | 617-242-1025 |