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The Relationship Between Personal Trainers and Client Motivation

The Relationship Between Personal Trainers and Client Motivation . By James Sierra English 1102 Elizabeth Hinnant . What is the best kind of motivation between personal trainers and their clients ?. The old saying “ You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink(UK Phrases)”.

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The Relationship Between Personal Trainers and Client Motivation

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  1. The Relationship Between Personal Trainers and Client Motivation By James Sierra English 1102 Elizabeth Hinnant

  2. What is the best kind of motivation between personal trainers and their clients ? The old saying “ You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink(UK Phrases)”.

  3. Thesis There is a strong correlation between the relationship of a personal trainer/client and why this is the best kind of motivation for the client when it comes to exercise.

  4. Why drives clients to exercise? Is Exercise Beneficial? For most clients there is an initial motive that makes them want to work out. An overweight person who is tired of being fat. A football player who wants to get back into shape. A family hereditary disease that can be reduced through exercise.

  5. What is Client Motivation? This is dependant on the client’s background and history. Everybody is not the same when it come to motivation. A dinosaur chasing you is a good form of motivation i.e. not getting eaten.

  6. The Relationship Between Clients and Their Trainers Personal Trainers are paid to help the client reach their particular fitness goal. Both parties have to work together to achieve the client’s goals for fitness. It is important for a personal trainer to understand their client in order to give their client the best work out!

  7. What Type of Environment Do Personal Trainers Work In? What is the Normal Gym Environment like? Like Malkin’s Becoming New Yorkers, I decided to immense myself into the gym environment at Fitness Connection in Cornelius. Cleaning products and different mixtures of perfume. These included the warm aroma that greets me at the gym when I open the door to the facility. Then there is the loud gym music which hits me like linebacker who is tackling a running back. The music is being played so loud that Beethoven himself would tell you to shut it off. Then there is the segregation of the exercise equipment that has the cardio equipment up front and free weights in the back. This is kind of like the blue and pink isles of a toy store where most women stayed on the cardio equipment and all the men were hanging around the free weights. All of these observation highlight the many hassles that a Personal trainer has to overcome in order to establish a personal relationship with their client.

  8. What Barriers are a concern to new clients at the gym? Many clients are nervous or scared about working out. New clients will feel judged, or laughed at for being out of shape while working out of the gym. Having a personal relationship with their personal trainer eased that tension. However picking the right trainer for your own personal goals is very important.

  9. From the Client’s Perspective My personal trainer is really listening to me and about what my true goals are. They let me take breaks when I ask for them! He knows the right ways to push me! My personal trainer is giving me a great workout!

  10. From the Perspective of the Person Trainer Should I get to know Amy better before I start with her exercises? How can I get Amy ready for her big race this week . What are some great exercises to help her reach her goals. I will need to limit her weight lifting in order to focus on her running because marathon.

  11. How does the trainer uses their personal relationship with the client to help motivate them? Was this a good example of a what a persona trainer should do with their client? Do you think the client would come back to this personal trainer? What did the Person trainer fail to do? • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-AuIURhCoAA&feature=player_detailpage

  12. What is Best form of client motivation? From my observations at the gym. The client with the least amount of client motivation was the client who worked out by themselves. Group exercises, seemed intimidating to new gym members, but are great for consistent clients who work out regularly and need structure. Personal trainers are the best form of client motivation, because the trainer and client are working together on a more personal level to achieve a particular goal.

  13. Why is this Relationship the best at motivating the client? Out of all my research majority of the people who used a personal trainer benefited greatly from that relationship. When it comes to personal training the job of the personal trainer is to help motivate the client enough so that he/she can eventually work out on their own.

  14. Conclusion “There is no one size fits all for motivating people to exercise(Jenkins)”. From my observations it is up to the Personal Trainers to gain a personal relationship with their clients to achieve the best results for their goals. That is why Personal Trainers who focus on personal relationships with their clients receive the best overall success with customer satisfaction for exercise.

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