bsa troop 651 troop leadership position responsibilities n.
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BSA Troop 651 Troop Leadership Position Responsibilities

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BSA Troop 651 Troop Leadership Position Responsibilities - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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BSA Troop 651 Troop Leadership Position Responsibilities. Troop Leadership Positions. Senior Patrol Leader Assistant Senior Patrol Leader Patrol Leaders Assistant Patrol Leaders Troop Guides Troop Quartermaster Patrol Quartermasters Troop Scribe Troop Historian Troop Librarian

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Presentation Transcript
troop leadership positions
Troop Leadership Positions

Senior Patrol Leader

Assistant Senior Patrol Leader

Patrol Leaders

Assistant Patrol Leaders

Troop Guides

Troop Quartermaster

Patrol Quartermasters

Troop Scribe

Troop Historian

Troop Librarian

Den Chiefs

Troop Instructors

senior patrol leader
Senior Patrol Leader

Run troop meetings, patrol leaders’ council and other troop activities

Mentor and train Patrol Leaders.

Run annual troop program planning conference

Attend most troop outings and events.

Plan troop meetings at PLC using BSA Program Guides, BSA Games book, BSA Ceremonies book

Send reminder e-mails about upcoming troop events and meetings.

If absent, make arrangements for the ASPL or another PL to fill in

Inform Committee Chair when purchases need to be made

assistant senior patrol leader
Assistant Senior Patrol Leader

Fill in for SPL when absent

May assist the SPL with duties if necessary

Attend all PLC meetings.

Mentor and train Scribe, Librarian, Historian, and Quartermaster.

patrol leader
Patrol Leader
  • Make sure there is a patrol flag and patrol yell
  • Attend Patrol Leader’s Council meetings
  • Run the meeting during patrol time
  • Help member of your Patrol advance in rank
  • For outings, make sure:
    • Grubmaster assignments are made
    • Cleaning assignments are fairly distributed
    • Sleeping assignments are fairly assigned and nobody is left out
  • Work with Troop Guide as necessary
  • If absent, make arrangements for the APL to fill in
assistant patrol leader
Assistant Patrol Leader

Fills in for PL when absent

May assist the PL with duties if necessary

troop guide
Troop Guide

Mentor to the PL of the new-scout patrol

During meetings, attends new-scout Patrol meetings as and advisor and mentor.

On outings, check in with the new-scout patrol at tent set-up time, cooking and cleaning times. Render guidance.

Make himself available to help new scouts as they learn fundamental skills

Attends Patrol Leader’s Council

troop quartermaster
Troop Quartermaster

Sweep out the trailer

Rinse down/wash the outside of the trailer

Inspect Patrol kitchen items to make sure they are properly cleaned.

If cooking items are not clean, immediately set up a washing station to clean

Upon returning to the school from an outing, lead scouts to remove all personal items from the trailer

Responsible for making sure Troop flags are properly displayed at all outing and meetings.

Guides and mentors the monthly service patrol.

Work with ASPL to mentor and train Patrol QMs.

patrol quartermaster
Patrol Quartermaster

One per patrol

Bring the Patrol Flag to all outings and events.

Tell the Troop QM about broken equipment or if new equipment is needed

Before departing from an outing, inspect all cooking items for cleanliness. Cooking items include pots, pans, utensils, plates, cups etc.

After each outing, take home all of the towels, clean them, and return them to the next troop meeting

troop scribe
Troop Scribe

Attend Patrol Leader’s Council

Record PLC meeting minutes and send to the Troop webmaster to place on the website

Record the troop meeting plans agreed to at PLC and send to the Troop Webmaster and place on the website

Use BSA Troop 651 private Facebook page to blog about troop outings

Work with an adult leader to record dues payment and to perform updates of advancement records on Troopmaster

troop historian
Troop Historian

Snap photos

Place photos on website and on private Facebook page

Blog about troop outings on BSA Troop 651 private Facebook page

Write articles about troop outings and post on troop website

Create and manage photo displays for troop events such as the spaghetti dinner and cub pack visits.

troop librarian
Troop Librarian

Collect all library books that have been lent out

Catalog the contents of the library

Identify merit badge pamphlets that are duplicates or are expired

Place catalog list on the website

Place checkout list and due dates on the website

Tell ASPL when a scout requests a merit badge pamphlet that the troop either does not have or is expired

troop instructor
Troop Instructor

An older scout willing to learn and then teach scout skills during troop meetings and at outings

Example: first aid, camping, backpacking, orienteering, Leave No Trace and others required for rank advancement

den chiefs
Den Chiefs

Several per troop

A den chief is assigned to either a Cub Scout or Webelos den

Attend den and pack meetings

Assist the adult leader during meetings

Serve as a role model by running portions of meetings, helping to plan skits, leading games

Encourage scouts to join Troop 651 by talking about our activities