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UMR Opening Week 2004 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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PROJECT “X”. UMR Opening Week 2004. New Student Programs & Enrollment Management. Freshman Class of 2004. NIKKO and UMR working together for Powerful FUN!. Project X – Internal Goals Have All New Students:. Meet one another and make 15 friends before classes start.

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Opening Week


Nikko and umr working together for powerful fun

New Student Programs & Enrollment Management

Freshman Class of 2004

NIKKO and UMR working together for Powerful FUN!

Project x internal goals have all new students
Project X – Internal GoalsHave All New Students:

  • Meet one another and make 15 friends before classes start.

  • Meet and work with UMR staff & faculty.

  • Learn about the campus buildings, resources and facilities.

  • Appreciate the need for individuals with different interests and skill-sets.

  • Experience the benefits of teamwork and success from interdisciplinary learning.

  • Better understand the technological campus culture and mission.

Learning Objectivesof Project “X”

  • Begin the learning process

  • Involve collaborative learning

  • Common experience

  • Higher retention

  • Interact and bond with students, faculty and staff

  • Empower students to develop character

  • Introduce to campus resources

  • Foundation for future success

  • Promote teamwork

  • Respect cultural backgrounds and differences

  • Understand importance of Communication skills

  • Other skills developed

    • Critical thinking, problem solving, Brain storming and conflict resolution.

  • Have FUN!

A License to Learn

Teams will race against time

to compete in the


to seize

“Miner bucks”

for gadgets at

“Central Intelligence”

To complete



60 groups of 15-20 new UMR students will work as a team to earn funds to buy materials for designing, building and racing a remote controlled vehicle through an obstacle course.

Upper-Class Students will server as Mentors

and lead the groups as advisors

Current UMR Design Teams members were available for consulting (i.e. robotics club, formula car team, solar house team, steel bridge etc.)

A Faculty member will be provide guidance to each group throughout week

Limited time, materials and resources

Same theme, instructions and objectives

Reference Manual

Training for mentors, organizations and faculty

Campus pandemonium cross campus involvement

Campus Pandemonium(Cross campus – Involvement)

College of Arts and Sciences

School of Materials, Energy and Earth Resources

School of Engineering

School of Management and Information Systems

Project DeliverablesA Focus on HOW student teams achieve the final outcomes

  • Writing/documentation

  • Presenting/spokesperson

  • Marketing/PR

  • Budget/accounting

  • Design aspect

  • Final vehicle design and demonstration

Every student must be involved in the physical

project not only the external assignments

Performance formula
Performance Formula

  • Time (how long it takes to get to finish line)

  • Pushing ping-pong balls into hole (number of balls in holes)

  • Climbing hills

  • Obstacles (around 5 cones or flags)

How will it be built?

  • Create anything to be attached to the top of the Radio Controlled Truck Chassis

  • Focus on Judging formula:

  • Deliverables, Aesthetic, Creativity, Obstacle Course Time

  • Limited materials and time

  • No limitations on design, creativity and presenting projects

Limited materials

Working on Journals

Problem Solving

Critical Thinking

Building Character

Team Building

Making Friends




The Ethics of



Grand Prize – Team 50

NIKKO Outstanding Team Award

Mexican Steamrollers

Results student comments from some of the reflection evaluation
RESULTS - Student Comments from some of the reflection evaluation:

  • “Our team thinks that this project will help us to be successful in the classroom in several ways. First of all, it taught us to be dependable. It taught us to show up to our meetings on time and to make good use of our time. We also learned a lot about teamwork. We learned that as a team we could do more than we could as individuals. We also learned that is you get to know your classmates/teammates then your life will be much easier. When you know who you are working with it is easier to know who would be best for what jobs and who can help you when you need help with your part.”

  • “Our team had a great time working on this project. It was a fun time all around.”

  • -We feel that by working together everyone on team 7 now has a better

  • Understanding of teamwork and a new appreciation for each other’s unique and Special abilities and talents. We all realized how important having talents in many areas is needed to be successful.

  • - evaluation:Each team member has met new & interesting people with different backgrounds & personalities. We now have a respect for each that wasn’t there when we first met. We learned how different people can work really well together to complete the best car ever!

  • -We enjoyed working on the project because it was interesting & has something to do with everyone in the team’s field of study.

  • Team 24 immensely enjoyed the project. After overcoming our initial timidity, we enjoyed interacting with each other and compiling thoughts on the project. As the vehicle progressed, we channeled our competitive energy into one Impenetrable force, determined to make the most creative, bizarre vehicle ever to emerge from the depths of University Missouri-Rolla. The common drive to succeed in our group has caused the project to be enriching. Instead of lethargically pondering simple solutions to the “problem” of modifying the chassis, our team enthusiastically proposes and executes our plan and enjoys every minute.

  • Although we did not know each other, once we started the project we developed a close tight-knit team and relationships that will hopefully continue throughout the rest of the year and even the rest of our UMR career and maybe even beyond that, like Dr. Kim Colter, the convocation speaker, spoke of in his speech.