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English for Careers

English for Careers

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English for Careers

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  1. English for Careers Chapter 5 Mastering Nouns— Possessives

  2. Your goals for Chapter 5: Correctly form possessives Use possessives to write clear and concise sentences

  3. A possessive noun can replace a prepositional phrase. The hat of the man. The man’s hat. The principle of the school. The school’s principle.

  4. To make a regular noun possessive, first decide whether it is singular or plural. Place an apostrophe before the s if the noun is singular. Theboy’shat was lost. Place an apostrophe after the s if the noun is plural Theboys’ hats were green.

  5. Except …if all of the following is true: The noun is proper has two or more syllables ends with an s sound Mrs. Adams’son called today. Al Martinez’ grades are outstanding.

  6. DO Not use ’s in a plural noun that is not possessive. The Smith’s and the Johnson’s are owner’s of the two store’s. WRONG! The Smiths and the Johnsons are owners of the two stores. Correct!

  7. Possessive plural nouns ending with s add ’ only. Two days’ work is required. Nurses’ uniforms are often white. The students’ books are new. Ten minutes’ notice is enough.

  8. Possessive plural nouns NOT ending with s add ’s Men’s clothing is expensive. The alumni’s party is Tuesday. The children’s toys are new.

  9. When making a compound noun possessive, add the apostrophe to the end of the compound. My brother-in-law’s appetite amazes me. My brothers-in-law’s appetites amaze me. My brothers-in-law have huge appetites.

  10. How do you show possession with two subject nouns? Bill and Mary’s cars. (They both own both cars.) Bill and Mary’s car. (They both own one car.) Bill’s and Mary’s cars. (They each own one car.)

  11. Checkpoint You have the ability to correctly form plurals and possessives!