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Thunder Rose

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Thunder Rose . Day 4. With your partner:. Discuss: How might a drought affect agriculture in a rural area? How would agricultural problems affect other people in the area? Identify the disasters the Rose prevented. How did she do it?. Amazing Words.

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Thunder Rose

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    1. Thunder Rose Day 4

    2. With your partner: • Discuss: • How might a drought affect agriculture in a rural area? • How would agricultural problems affect other people in the area? • Identify the disastersthe Rose prevented. How did she do it?

    3. Amazing Words • Yesterday we learned that tornadoes can be unpredictable. What does unpredictable mean? • How did the fact that the tornadoes were unpredictable affect Rose? • In what other ways can weather be unpredictable? • Give an antonym for unpredictable

    4. Amazing Words • The wildfire tore through the hills and forced many people to abandon their homes. Lighting strikes are one cause of wildfires. • Turn to your partner and discuss your experiences with wildfires or discuss wildfires you have heard about on the news.

    5. Let’s Get Our Books • 1-5 • 6-10 • 11-15 • 16-20 • 21-25 • 26-32

    6. Let’s think about Genre Expository Text Gives information about real people or events, or they explain something about the real world

    7. Expository Text They often present information in graphs With your partner, discuss: • What types of expository texts have you used before? • Why did you use these types of texts?

    8. Graphics • Charts • Graphs • Diagrams • Maps • Time line • Illustrations • index

    9. Measuring Tornadoes We are now going to read an expository text about tornadoes that contains a graphic source in the form of a chart. Discuss with your partner times when having information in a chart was useful

    10. Take a look at page 78-79 Discuss with your partner: What does the chart tell you about an F-1 tornado? With your partner, read pages 78-79 Write down three things you learned from the chart.

    11. Fluency With your partner pick a section of the story Thunder Rose to read. Read aloud either together or one at a time. Make sure to use good pacing and correct voice inflection

    12. Idioms When my brother stole a cookie from the cookie jar, my mom told him to clean up his act. What does it mean “clean up his act”. Use the sentence to help you.

    13. Daily Fix it Lets take a look at our daily Fix it

    14. Conventions In sentences, the subject names who or what a sentence is about The predicate describes what the subject is or does

    15. Let’s Practice • Tandy plays basketball with her friends. • The pond is freezing over. • Nathan is a construction worker. • That owl sleeps during the day because it is a nocturnal animal.