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Black Man Sentenced To Jail For Rape! PowerPoint Presentation
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Black Man Sentenced To Jail For Rape!

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Black Man Sentenced To Jail For Rape!
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Black Man Sentenced To Jail For Rape!

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  1. Black Man Sentenced To Jail For Rape! By Sara McNally, Maycomb Times MAYCOMB- A black man by the name of Tom Robinson was sentenced to jail for beating and raping a white nineteen year old girl, Mayella Violet Ewell on November twenty-first of last year. The accused, Tom Robinson says that he is not guilty for beating or raping Mayella. Mr. Robert E. Lee Ewell, Mayella’s father says that he saw Mr. Robinson on top of Mayella forcing her to have sexual intercourse with him. Mr. Atticus Finch the defendants lawyer shows evidence that it would be almost impossible for Mr. Robinson to have beaten Ms. Ewell the way the witnesses describe Mayella’s injuries because Tom Robinson’s left arm is disabled. Tom tore all of his muscles loose from his bones when he was a boy, he got his left arm caught in Mr. Dolphus Raymond’s cotton gin. Miss. Ewell told the jury that on the evening of November twenty-first she had been sitting on the porch when Mr. Tom Robinson passed by she had asked him to come help her chop up kindling that her father had asked her to do while he was in the woods, she claimed she wasn’t feeling strong enough and would pay him a nickel. Ms. Ewell claimed that she went in to the house to get him a nickel and when she turned around to bring it to him he was right behind her, grabbed her and started choking her then hit her again and again on the right side of her face. The victims father said that he has seen Mr. Robinson on top of Mayella and had came in running but Mr. Robinson got away to quick and Mr. Ewell did not go after him but went to see his daughter. Mr. Ewell called Mr. Heck Tate over claiming his daughter was just raped. Mr. Ewell, Ms. Mayella Ewell and Mr. Heck Tate all testify that she has been choked and was beaten on the right side of her face. The defendant Tom Robinson denies the accusations against him saying that he raped and beat Miss Mayella Ewell. He claims that Ms. Ewell did call him over to help her but when he came into the yard he could not see any kindling, she then tells him no I have something inside for you to do. She tells him that she needs him to fix her old door that is falling fast off its hinges. So he came into Ms. Ewells house, noticing that there was nothing wrong with her door he questioned it and she has said I would like you to get that box on top of the Chiffarobe. Once Mr. Robinson was on the chair he claimed that Mayella had grabbed him by the legs and he has jumped off the chair. She then grabbed him around the waste, he claimed that she hugged him. Tom said that Ms. Ewell kissed him and asked him to kiss her back. He didn’t he tthen tried to get out of the house. Mr. Ewell saw them through the window and yelled “ You goddamn whore, I’ll kill you!” Tom said he had ran as fast as he could out of the house just kept running! Tom said hat he had been in the Ewell house before helping her with other things she needed. When Ms. Ewell was testifying she said she had never asked him to help her before. He said I didn’t mind helping her. He said “I felt right sorry for her, she seemed ti try more than the rest of them.” At the end of the trial the jury decided that the verdict was that Tom Robinson was guilty of raping and beating Miss Mayella Violet Ewell. Tom Robinson 1.

  2. Fire Strikes Ms. Maudie Atkinson’s By Sara McNally, Maycomb Times Ms. Maudie’s house on the night of the fire. MAYCOMB- It was one of the coldest nights in Maycomb in a long time. A little after one, Miss Maudie Atkinson’s house caught on fire. All of the neighbours ran out of their house’s to see what had happened. The fire truck that was sent to put out the fire in Ms. Maudie’s house had been frozen because of the cold, it took the men longer to get the truck to the house. There was a crowd of men pushing the truck to the burning house. When the men attached the hose to the fire hydrant, the hose burst and water shot up all over the pavement. The town men came to help Ms. Maudie, they took her furniture out of the burning house and brought it to a lawn across the street. The men seemed to even be able to get what she valued the most. The fire continued to spread quickly, it was well into the second floor by two O’clock. Fortunately, a fire truck from Abbottsville was available to come to their aid but it got to Maycomb too late. The Abbottsville fire truck began pumping water onto Mr. Atticus Finch’s house. A fireman instructed the Abbottsville fireman to spray the hose where they need it the most. The fire spread onto Miss. Stephanie Crawford’s house. As another fire truck from Clark’s Ferry pulled to the scene there was no other hydrant to use so the men tried to soak her house with hand extinguishers. Ms. Maudie’s house had collapsed, fire gushed everywhere. The fire fighters had finally got the fire under control and put out by dawn. The fire man pushed the Maycomb fire truck back to town, the Abbottsville truck departed and the Clark’s Ferry truck remained. They are not sure what the started the fire but Ms. Maudie thinks that it was probably the flue in the kitchen as she left a fire in there the night before for her potted plants. Ms. Maudie keeps thinking on the bright side as she says to Jeremy Atticus Finch, Atticus Finch’s 12 year old son “Always wanted a smaller house, Jem Finch. Gives me more yard. Just think, I’ll have more room for my azaleas now!” This troubling story shows us that even in the worst situation you can find something to be happy about. _____________________________________________ This 1930 car is for sale by Jim Brown in Maycomb and the surrounding areas. This fine car is to be sold for 2000$. Call 312-625-8130. 2.

  3. By Liyana Rudeen, Maycomb Times 3.

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  5. By Victoria Boulet, Maycomb Times 5.

  6. Call 718-930-7283 This house is for sale on the outside of Maycomb. This house is being sold by the owner and is for sale for 100,000$. 6.

  7. There is a very fresh fruit stand set up in front of the elementary school. 7.

  8. Comic Page The Farmer’s Wife Written and Illustrated by: Victoria Boulet The Farmer and the Thief Policeman: Sir, do you realize your wife fell out of the car several miles back? Farmer: Thank God, I thought I had gone deaf! Written and Illustrated by: Victoria Boulet Farmer: Leave before I call the crops! 8.

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