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Sustainability of Adult Treatment Court Collaborative (ATCC) Grantee Meeting February 28, 2012 PowerPoint Presentation
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Sustainability of Adult Treatment Court Collaborative (ATCC) Grantee Meeting February 28, 2012

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Sustainability of Adult Treatment Court Collaborative (ATCC) Grantee Meeting February 28, 2012 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Sustainability of Adult Treatment Court Collaborative (ATCC) Grantee Meeting February 28, 2012 Pamela F. Rodriguez, MA President, TASC Chicago, IL 312-573-8238. Define Sustainability. . For service expansion and enhancement . For collaborative

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Presentation Transcript

Sustainability of Adult Treatment Court Collaborative (ATCC)

Grantee Meeting

February 28, 2012

Pamela F. Rodriguez, MA

President, TASC

Chicago, IL


define sustainability
Define Sustainability

. For service expansion and enhancement

. For collaborative

. Not just about funding  800.311.4246

barriers to sustainability
Barriers to Sustainability

. Poor program performance

. Inadequate evidence of performance

. Lack of conflict resolution

. Changes in leadership

. Lack of identity

. Lack of structure to sustain

. Lack of funding  800.311.4246

poor program performance
Poor Program Performance

. Good intentions does not equal good performance

. Maintaining employment is not a justification to continue

. Polish does not equal performance

. Fearless moral inventory

. Just because we are doing it now, not a reason to continue investment  800.311.4246

how does quality performance contribute to sustainability
How Does Quality Performance Contribute to Sustainability?

. Saves money

. Saves lives

. Reduces recidivism

. Increases recovery

. Demonstrates value  800.311.4246

inadequate evidence of impact
Inadequate Evidence of Impact

. Service stats and descriptions does not equal quality performance

. Good PR does not equal demonstration of performance

. Small numbers

. Individual testimony

. Even delivering program just as proposed is not evidence of impact

(evidence of fidelity to plan)  800.311.4246

how does quality evidence contribute to sustainability
How Does Quality Evidence Contribute to Sustainability?

. Transparency

. Regular research reports

. Continual improvement

. Share information across all partners

. Demonstrate return on investment—address both cost and impact

. Develop competency in partners to discuss

. Build expectation in public for that kind of accountability  800.311.4246

lack of conflict resolution
Lack of Conflict Resolution

. All relationships, projects and especially collaborations have conflict

. Competing ideas and visions and goals

. Changes in roles and responsibilities

. Language confusion

. Unless involved – no real collaboration  800.311.4246

how does conflict resolution contribute to sustainability
How Does Conflict Resolution Contribute to Sustainability?

. Keeps people at the table

. Improves communication

. Deepens relationships

. Models safety for others

. Resolves problems in system  800.311.4246

changes in leadership
Changes in Leadership

. Original leadership developed collaborative and shaped vision

. Judges rotate, prosecutors are elected, providers come and go

. Challenge to sustain voices of consumers/clients/families in process

. Lose vision, lose continuity

. Initiative identified with original cohort  800.311.4246

how does quality leadership contribute to sustainability
How Does Quality Leadership Contribute to Sustainability?

. Shares vision and increases buy-in, repeatedly, long term view of project/initiative

. Ensures project is not only identified with current team

. Plans for leadership changes and transitions

. Plans and supports membership changes

. Supports communication among and between participants  800.311.4246

lack of identity
Lack of Identity

. Who are you? How are you different from current initiatives?

. Why you?

. Are you your leadership team? Are you the collaborative? Another

specialty court?

. How are you different? Unique?

. Who will notice/care if you go away?

. Who knows about you?

. Who should know about you?

. Do you have a website, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media outlets?  800.311.4246

how does clear identity contribute to sustainability
How Does Clear Identity Contribute to Sustainability?

. Answers question about “why you?” Make public/funders care and trust you

. People want to join/support a winner—are you a winner? (not whiner)

. Distinguishes you among competitors for funding, volunteers, treatment

resources, etc.

. Creating identity: research reports, events, spokespeople, impact, effectiveness,

cost saving,

. Who are your competitors for funding? For media space? For services/impact?

For time?

. What can you learn from them?  800.311.4246

lack of structure to sustain
Lack of Structure to Sustain

. Are you relying on personality?

. Are new staff and collaborative members trained as well as initial participants?

. Are there clear procedures and protocols for integration and collaboration?

. Is communication routine and expected?

. Are you collecting data, enough, the right data, and sharing it?

. Do administrative rules or laws need to be changed?

. Without structure you are relying on the effort and good will of a few

champions?  800.311.4246

how does structure contribute to sustainability
How Does Structure Contribute to Sustainability?

. Invest in infrastructure: staff support; IT for communications, data collection

and evaluation; PR, training, recruitment of new champions, a good

CFO/finance person, and ongoing development activities

. Change administrative rules and laws ASAP

. Clear protocols, standards, on-going training and supervision

. Consider independent 501(c)3

. Board development  800.311.4246

lack of funding
Lack of Funding

. Cuts in federal and state spending

. More competition for foundation grants

. More clients in poverty

. Lack of understanding of where money comes from and how things are funded  800.311.4246

where to find funding
Where to Find Funding?

. Get to know who controls federal and state funding

. Funding for services—mix of program specific grant enhancements and state

and county funding streams

. Funding for collaborative work (infrastructure)—foundations and state funding

streams, research grants, tech grants, indirect/overhead from development


. ACA:2014, get ready now

. Partner with local foundations

. Fundraising

. Client co-pay  800.311.4246

how do these answers contribute to sustainability
How Do These Answers Contribute to Sustainability?

. Quality performance

. Quality evidence

. Conflict resolution

. Quality leadership

. Clear identity

. Structure/Infrastructure

. Funding/Plan and Diversify  800.311.4246