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Crowning Miss USA PowerPoint Presentation
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Crowning Miss USA

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Crowning Miss USA - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A 26-year-old Army Reserve officer from the District of Columbia is crowned winner of the Miss USA pageant.

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Crowning Miss USA

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Presentation Transcript

Miss District of Columbia Deshauna Barber postures. Hair stylist, an IT expert for the Department of Commerce, triumphed more than 51 different contenders, including first runner-up Chelsea Hardin, speaking to Hawaii, to claim triumph in the yearly challenge. REUTERS/Steve Marcus


Deshauna Barber contends in her night outfit. Hairdresser will go ahead to contend as the U.S. agent at the yearly Miss Universe exhibition in the not so distant future. REUTERS/Steve Marcus


Deshauna Barber contends in her bathing suit. As one of the hopefuls, Barber was posed a question about ladies fighters and answered "We are generally as extreme as men." REUTERS/Steve Marcus


Deshauna Barber postures with different contenders in the wake of being delegated Miss USA. REUTERS/Steve Marcus


Deshauna Barber of the District of Columbia responds as she is delegated Miss USA by a year ago's champ Olivia Jordan (R) amid the 2016 Miss USA exhibition at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, June 5, 2016. REUTERS/Steve Marcus


The last three contenders Miss Georgia Emanii Davis (L), Miss Hawaii Chelsea Hardin (C) and Miss District of Columbia Deshauna Barber are appeared in front of an audience. For her inquiry as one of five finalists, Hardin was asked whether she would bolster Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, previous proprietor of the exhibition, if the U.S. race were held tomorrow. The inquiry brought sneers from the group of onlookers and feedback on social media.


Deshauna Barber reacts to a last question with Miss USA co-has Julianne Hough (C) and Terrence "J" Jenkins. REUTERS/Steve Marcus


Miss USA co-has Terrence "J" Jenkins and Julianne Hough are indicated in front of an audience with candidates. REUTERS/Steve Marcus


Miss USA co-has Terrence "J" Jenkins (L) and Julianne Hough are demonstrated in front of an audience with competitors. REUTERS/Steve Marcus