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I am the only me! PowerPoint Presentation
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I am the only me!

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I am the only me! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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I am the only me!
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  1. I am the only me! Pam Cohea

  2. You are Unique and Valuable! Did you know that even though there are millions of people on Earth, no-one is just like you?

  3. Basic Tour of Genetics This tour will show you just how small genes are and how they work so that you are you! Just click on the link below to go to the tour. Begin with What is DNA? X out of the site to bring you back here. Have fun!

  4. Click on the fish below to go to a fun site to apply your knowledge about genetics! There are some great learning games if you click on the heredity button on the left .

  5. Examples of Inherited Traits

  6. Instincts

  7. Class SurveyCreate a chart similar to the one shown below in your journal. Ask each student in your class to sign their name under the trait that they exhibit. Be sure to include yourself in your data. Create a graph in your journal to show the class results. What conclusions can you draw based on the data you collected from your classmates.

  8. What are some traits that are inherited from your parents? • 1. Write down your hair color, eye color and one other physical trait that you have in your journal. • 2. Now think about your parents and write down the same information about them. • 3. Write your conclusion to the question in your journal. • 4. Share your discovery with your team.

  9. What are some behaviors that have been learned? • 1. Discuss possible learned traits with your team. Be sure to include the reasons why you think the trait is learned! • 2. Take your journal to your team’s computer. Click on favorites and go to the Learned Traits link. As a team, research from this site. • 3. What do you think now? Write your discoveries in your journal.

  10. Works Sited • Genetics by GlaxoSmithKline (Awesome site!!) •'s Educational Links to Science Resources • Potter’s Science Gems • of Inherited Traits • From the Beginning (animation of Mendel’s work) • Principles of Genetics (flashcards and puzzles) • Education Center • Genetic Science Learning Center • Kids Only (Great site for elementary students!)