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Female Offenders. Each group of special needs offenders has its unique problems. And there are unique challenges supervising them. Female Offender Problems. Female Offenders: Have problems common to male offenders Also have unique problems. Some Female Offender Problems. CBC and Parenting?.

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Female offender problems
Female Offender Problems problems.

  • Female Offenders:

  • Have problems common to male offenders

  • Also have unique problems

Cbc and parenting
CBC and Parenting? problems.

  • CBCs promote constructive relationships between mothers and children.

    • Reduces next generation crime

    • New Trend: Similar approach with offender fathers and their children

Lenient sentencing bias
Lenient Sentencing Bias problems.

  • Are FOs more likely than male offenders to receive lenient sentences?

Basis for bias
Basis For Bias problems.

  • Less Serious Crimes

  • General Bias

    • Childcare Considerations

    • Welfare Costs

    • Concern For Future Criminality Of Children

Women and crime
Women and Crime problems.

  • Arrests

    • Women 22% (4% increase)

    • Men 78%

Drug use and crime
Drug Use and Crime problems.

  • Are women or men more likely to be under the influence of drugs when they commit crime?

Gender and crime
Gender and Crime problems.

  • Are some crimes more common to women?

  • What are they?

Fo arrests
FO Arrests problems.

  • For which offenses are women most often arrested?

Fos expanding criminal horizons
FOs Expanding Criminal Horizons problems.

  • Are FOs branching out to other types of crimes?

Fos and violent crime
FOs and Violent Crime problems.

  • From 1984 until 1997:

    • FO serious violent crime increased 86%

    • Male serious violent crime decreased 5.6%

Violent crime incarceration
Violent Crime Incarceration problems.

  • Is there a difference in incarceration rates for violent crime comparing men and women?

Fo incarceration generally
FO Incarceration Generally problems.

  • For what type offenses are women most commonly incarcerated?

Incarceration rates
Incarceration Rates problems.

  • The number of FOs in prison increased 81% from 1990 to 1999.

Fos in the cj system
FOs in the CJ System problems.

  • Even with increased in female crime, FOs are:

    • 6% of prison population

    • 21% of probationers

    • 12% of parolees

Disparate opportunities
Disparate Opportunities problems.

  • Have there been any differences in opportunities provided to female and male inmates, and probationers and parolees?

Hot trend in cj
Hot Trend in CJ problems.

  • Female crime is increasing.

  • What impact will this have on the CJ system and CBC?

Fo deficits
FO Deficits problems.

  • Few Marketable Job Skills

  • More Responsibilities and Demands Than Men

Some fo needs
Some FO Needs problems.

  • Finances

  • Employment Skill Training

  • Child Care

  • Emotional Aspects of Child Care

Dependent and subservient behavior
Dependent and Subservient Behavior problems.

  • Many FOs are still learning dependent behavior patterns.

  • Many FOs assume subservient roles to males.

Independence problems.

  • FOs need __________ and ________ to be independent.

  • It might take courage to make your first skydive or give a speech to strangers.

Community based programs for female offenders
Community Based Programs for Female Offenders problems.

  • Community based programs for FOs focus on:

  • Developing Economic Independence

  • Effective Parenting Skills

  • Survival Skills for Independent Living

  • Ref: MML pages 342-43

Economic assistance
Economic Assistance problems.

  • Job Readiness Training

  • Vocational Training (now non-traditional)

  • Job Development and Placement

  • Follow-Up Services

Effective parenting skills
Effective Parenting Skills problems.

  • Nurturing

  • Patience

  • Setting Limits

  • Supervision

  • Appropriate Punishment

Survival skills
Survival Skills problems.

  • Money Management

  • Locate and Use Community Resources

  • Administering Contractual Agreements

    • Car Purchase, Rent Apartment, Credit Card Rates

Fo tx issues
FO TX Issues problems.

  • Dependence

  • Lack of Self Trust (Competency)

  • Lack of Personal Responsibility

Fo tx shortcomings
FO TX Shortcomings problems.

  • FO TX has traditionally been lacking due to:

    • TX programs place PT in passive role

      • Can subvert TX goals

Interesting quote
Interesting Quote problems.

  • “Fallen women don’t need to be put back on a pedestal. They need to learn to stand on their own two feet.”

The greatest obstacle to female offender achievement
The Greatest Obstacle to Female Offender Achievement problems.

  • What is the greatest obstacle to FO achievement?

Key core services for fos
Key Core Services for FOs problems.

  • What are the key (core) services for FOs?

Summary comments
Summary Comments problems.

  • 1. While there has been a tendency to treat FOs more leniently, the less serious nature of female crime is a more significant determinant of CJ processing than gender.

Summary comments1
Summary Comments problems.

  • 2. Most FOs must overcome disadvantages of social class and minority as well as gender in attempting to achieve self-sufficiency.