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why should you go for auto pinstriping n.
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Why Should You Go For Auto Pinstriping? PowerPoint Presentation
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Why Should You Go For Auto Pinstriping?

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Why Should You Go For Auto Pinstriping?
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Why Should You Go For Auto Pinstriping?

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  1. Why Should You Go For Auto Pinstriping? It may be slightly strange, but auto pinstriping may do wonders for you. While the answers are just too many but here we’ll take a look some of the most important ones. Adds Some Colors The most obvious reason for going to pinstriping is to add some color to the existing paint scheme. Isn’t it a good idea to apply a pinstripe to accentuate the color of the car? When you add some striping, it adds significantly to the beauty of the car. There are some who add an utterly contrasting color. They may even add a different color, or they may even use the favorite sports team to show that they are a fan. Add a Subtle Body Line The use of auto pinstripes enhances the subtlety of the body line, or they may even increase the tasteless body style. The newer designs have accents that are oddly placed. It severely enhances the style or may even change the aerodynamics.

  2. Virtually Change the Size of Car The use of the auto-pinstripe virtually changes the size of the car. No doubt it is an optical effect. But when you place the pin-stripes it alters the look of the car. It may look longer or shorter. If you are not convinced just take the image of the vehicle, and then pinstripe it. And then take the image once again, and you’ll see that the striped car appears larger. You’ll also find that the one with stripes looks plain while the other looks sportier. Can Cover Defects If there any defects in the painting of the car the auto pinstriping changes that well. If there is a body line in the car that is scraped in the parking lot or is scuffed, then a simple solution to cover them is the use of pinstripes. Many a time the method is used on the cars already used so that they don’t need to be painted. In fact, when the repairs are done the pinstripes is used as a cut-off for blending. In The End Numerous cars and trucks come from the factory equipped kits. They are conservative in color and have a mass appeal as well. When there is a color to the edge of the factory stripes, it may make your vehicle slightly different as well.