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Saul Stevens I.T. Director - Family Mosaic PowerPoint Presentation
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Saul Stevens I.T. Director - Family Mosaic

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Saul Stevens I.T. Director - Family Mosaic - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Digital by Default !. Saul Stevens I.T. Director - Family Mosaic. Digital by Default at a Glance. Still over 8m adults in the UK have never been online. 4m of this number are in Social Housing or Care and Support – something FM can help influence.

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Presentation Transcript

Digital by Default !

Saul Stevens

I.T. Director - Family Mosaic


Digital by Default at a Glance

  • Still over 8m adults in the UK have never been online.
  • 4m of this number are in Social Housing or Care and Support – something FM can help influence.
  • National initiative – but still lacking momentum – even though the argument is clear.
  • Digital skills are a vital – those being excluded are often the ones that need the most help.

Health, Wealth and Wellbeing

Core to what we do

‘Lack of internet access and skills entrench the disadvantage of many of our vulnerable customers, and internet access is increasingly important in determining the future opportunities available to these individuals – opportunities such as employment, financial guidance, training, social connectivity, advice and information services’


Our Opportunity

  • A year of talking !! – Race Online - Westminster
  • Start small – but make it happen
  • DI programme in Care and Support
  • 200 scheme sites – 8000 service users
    • The young, elderly, and those with mental health issues, high care and support needs – and staff
  • Great technology, support and deal from BT - Wi-Fi, Laptops, PC – pushing BYOD
    • Also some funding for training, training tools, digital champions.

Technology - the easy bit

  • What have we done?
  • Nothing very clever – so far just WiFi and PC’s Laptops and BYOD
  • Open no security – is an issue
  • Unlimited usage – does need to be managed
  • What's next?
  • Bigger links, more sites, 4g, Internet cafes, Community centres, BT solutions, keep up the momentum
  • Have tried to make it easy and not complicated
the really hard bit
The really hard bit

It’s not about the technology

It’s about ‘getting connected’ & ‘Digital Champions’

  • Engaging and retaining


  • Making the first steps it

can be scary

  • Turning learning into

behavioural change –

desire to use technology positively

how we make it work
How we make it work
  • Outreach and engagement
  • 3-8 week courses
  • Digital mentoring
  • Focus on opportunities
    • P2W, training, vfm
  • Why we’re effective
    • We make it personal
    • We make it flexible
    • We try to make it engaging
great results
Great results

FM getting people into work

  • Target 1000 jobs in 3 years
  • Currently on target

I.T. training and skills is a key component

Would you employ this ‘young man’ ?


Living Alone Online


Ryan – 20 years old – just out of care

Young peoples support network




Business Skills – Financial advice, social networking, support

customer benefits so far
Customer Benefits – so far
  • Work opportunity
  • Social networking
  • Local events
  • Entertainment
  • Access to Housing Benefits online
  • Cheaper products and services
  • Home shopping for customers with mobility issues
  • Online Banking
  • E-learning
  • Access to a wider world
  • Music
family mosaic benefits
Family Mosaic Benefits
  • Drive towards supporting challenges of Universal Credit
  • Investing in ‘online’ is bringing operational efficiencies
    • Still need to encourage use
    • Pushing electronic only communication as default
  • Happy Commissioners
  • New Business – winning and retention (its working)


  • Digital skills do change lives
  • National initiative – with great support – but does need more focus
  • Builds on existing service offerings
  • Digital Champions – its not all about I.T.
  • Benefits to FM – ‘we are still measuring’
  • Start small – do something