e learning in community care www communitycare cz n.
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E-learning in Community Care communitycare.cz

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E-learning in Community Care communitycare.cz - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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E-learning in Community Care www.communitycare.cz. Coordination by: Marie Marková NCO NZO Brno, Czech Republic. National Centre of Nursing and Other Health Professions in Brno. National Centre of Nursing and Other Health Professions in Brno.

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e learning in community care www communitycare cz

E-learning in Community Carewww.communitycare.cz

Coordination by:

Marie Marková NCO NZO Brno, Czech Republic

national centre of nursing and other health professions in brno1
National Centre of Nursing and Other Health Professions in Brno
  • Czech Republic, National Centre of Nursing and Other Health Professions Brno (NCONZO)
  • provides conceptual, analytical, methodical, coordinating, registration, assessment, expert, scientific-research and accreditation activities in the fields of nursing and other non-medical health care professions.

Slovakia , Constantine Philosopher University in Nitra

  • Participates to obtain more knowledge in the field of nursing, both as a science and practice, with the emphasis on modern practice developed in Europe.
  • Want to contribute to the development of educational methods, which will support prompt application of new methods of nursing and which are part of continuous quality improvement of nursing services especially in community care.

Poland, Medical University of Silesia in Katowice

  • The largest medical school in Poland,
  • 5 faculties:
  • - Faculty of Medicine in Katowice,
  • Faculty of Medicine and of Dentistry in Zabrze,
  • Faculty of Health Care & Health Education,
  • Faculty of Public Health
  • Faculty of Pharmacy and Division of Medical Analytics
  • in Sosnowiec.
  • Offers students of nursing the possibility to
  • obtain baccalaureate (in Polish: licencjat) as
  • well as a master’s degree. The Faculty provides
  • also postgraduate studies, including
  • specialization in community nursing.

France, MF&Partners Consulting

  • Consulting enterprise
  • great experience in managing International projects
  • particularly in Central and Eastern Europe Countries
  • MF & PARTNERS is managing the communication
  • and the valorisation of the project.
  • The high level of expert appraisal let it become
  • a privileged partner for innovative projects.
the aim of the project
The aim of the project

Elaboration of an educational programme for nurses and midwives in community care and in primary care, with the use of an innovative educational e-learning method.

  • Curriculum for nurses and midwives
  • Elaboration of printed handbooks for students
  • Elaboration of printed handbooks and an e-learning course for tutors
  • Elaboration of e-learningcoursesfor students
educational programme for nurses
Educational programme for nurses

Basic module

Care of the Eldery

Home care

Prevention of

occupational hazards

Care of the family

educational progr a mme for midwives
Educational programme for midwives

Basic module



Care of the family

Prevention of

occupational hazards



e learning courses
E-learning courses
  • Access on LMS iTutor
evaluated areas
Evaluated areas
  • Contents
  • Comprehensibility
  • Technical preparation
  • User-friendliness
  • Recommendation of the course

to other colleagues

  • Preferring the e-learning to

classic learning

testing results
Evaluation of the contents

Professional level


Clear structure

Quality of the technical preparation

80% give the highest mark

20% had problems with

understanding of some parts,

and they would appreciate

more figures and illustrations

Testing results
testing results1

40% give the highest mark

60% had problems with initial orientation in the programme, they were not satisfied with a too long time period of link opening after clicking

It is not possible to extend the text in a larger window

Testing results
testing results2
E-learning preference in the future

Personal benefit

Recommendation to the others

50% will prefer e-learning also in the future

The others would rather prefer personal contact, they would take e-learning as a complement to the contact instruction

Testing results