air pollution
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Air Pollution

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Air Pollution - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Air Pollution . By : Kiara Lopez. - Air Pollution *.

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air pollution

Air Pollution

By : Kiara Lopez

air pollution1
- Air Pollution *
  • Air is the most important element of our environment. We couldn’t do even a single minute without air. Fresh air is helpful for health. But polluted air is harmful full to health. In a world it can be said that air is life. If air is polluted, life becomes difficult.
air pollution2
- Air Pollution *
  • Smoke pollutes air. We make fire to cook food. We make fire to burn bricks and refuse. We burn wood to melt pitch for road construction. All those fires create smoke and pollute air. Buses, trucks and cars use petrol and diesel oil to create energy.
air pollution3
- Air Pollution *
  • The oil burns and creates smoke. Mills and factories create a lot of smoke. It mixed with air and air is polluted. Besides the dust bins and garbage of household chores spread a lot of bad smell and causes air pollution. However, to ensure a better future and healthy life, air pollution should be checked by any means.
do humans produce air pollution
- Do Humans Produce Air Pollution ? *
  • Everyone produces air pollution, the difference is that some people produce more than others. It is really difficult to add up how much pollution that you make in one day. Think about everything that you have done today from when you woke up.
what could happen if we continue polluting the air
- What Could Happen If We Continue Polluting The Air? *
  • If we continue polluting the air , our sky may not be blue ; it may turn to be a grayish color. This has some what happen in other countries.
my hypothesis
- My Hypothesis *
  • If we can be able to see how much a single car emits carbon dioxide, we might be able to find a way to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the air .
  • Then, we will be able to convince people to carpool, stop idling, and use their gas wisely or when needed. Not to just drive around for fun.
- Experiment *
  • My experiment was to figure out how many miles my mom drive every week for five days. My mom drives around 22 miles up & back which has equal 44 miles in total .
- Solution *
  • If you car pool with at least one other person, you theoretically just halved your collective emissions and took one car off of the road!
- Solution *
  • If you car pool with three other people you just cut the emissions down by 75% and took three cars off of the road! It still removes cars from the commuting routes, again in theory. If enough people carpool it speeds up traffic flows which will also benefit the environment.
the end

- The End *

Think about what you have done this whole day from the time you woke up . . . Do you care?