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Win32 Controls & ActiveX Integration PowerPoint Presentation
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Win32 Controls & ActiveX Integration

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Win32 Controls & ActiveX Integration
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Win32 Controls & ActiveX Integration

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  1. Win32 Controls & ActiveX Integration • In this presentation… • Introduction to the new Win32 controls. • What they are? • How they are enabled? • Potential uses. • Overview on ActiveX integration. • Support for ActiveX integration.

  2. Win32 Controls • New Win32 controls include: • ListView control • ProgressBar control • ImageList control • TreeView control • TrackBar control • ScrollBar control • NumericCombo control • Inserted using newlook & centric’s Designer tool • Activated/extended using: • Individual control’s properties • VBScript, Jscript or Macros

  3. Win32 Controls - ImageList • Key Win32 development tools are: • Designer • Properties window • Macro/Script Editor

  4. Win32 Controls - ListView • ListView control • Displays a list of items with icons. You can use the ListView control to create a user interface similar to that of Windows Explorer (icon view). • Works in conjunction with the ImageList control. • Key properties include Items & SelectedItems. SelectedItems property contains a collection of the items currently selected in the control.

  5. Win32 Controls - ProgressBar • ProgressBar control • Indicates the progress of a process by displaying an appropriate number of rectangles in a horizontal bar. When the process is complete, the bar is filled. • Enabled using VBScript, Jscript or macros. • Setup via the control’s properties. • Key properties include: Value, Min and Max. The Minimum and Maximum properties set the maximum and minimum values the progress bar can display.

  6. Win32 Controls - ImageList • ImageList control • ImageList controls are used by the ListView and TreeView controls. • The ImageList control is basically a container for multiple images. It is an abstract object that exists on the form, but cannot be seen. It stores images that you add to in Designer via the Images collection. • Every image in the ImageList has an index, starting at 0. The ListView and TreeView controls select the image that they want to show by specifying this index.

  7. Win32 Controls – TreeView • TreeView control • The TreeView control displays a hierarchy of nodes (+ & -) similar to that used in the side menu of Outlook or Windows Explorer. Each node may contain parent or child nodes and may be expanded or collapsed via a mouse click. • Great for menus - particularly where you want to drill down to sub-level items.

  8. Win32 Controls – TreeView • TreeView control • Key properties are Nodes and SelectedNode. The Nodes property contains the list of top-level nodes in the TreeView. The SelectedNode property sets the currently selected node. Icons can be displayed next to the nodes; the images are taken from the ImageList control named in the TreeView's ImageList property.

  9. Win32 Controls - TrackBar • TrackBar control • Used for adjusting numeric settings. The TrackBar control has two parts: the thumb, also known as a slider, and the tick marks. The thumb is the part that can be adjusted. • Enabled using VBScript, Jscript or macros. • Setup via the control’s properties.

  10. Win32 Controls - ScrollBar • ScrollBar control • The ScrollBar control contains a rectangular scroll box with direction arrows at each end. The scrollbar control is used to update the screen position when a user clicks the mouse in the control. • Key properties for the scrollbar control include the Name and OnChange event.

  11. Win32 Controls - NumericCombo • NumericCombo control • Combines the features of a text box control, combobox control and a calculator—users can enter numbers in the text box portion of the control, or alternatively, select numbers using the calculator that appears in the combobox portion of the control. • Inserted via Designer as a new control or as an override in Identify.

  12. ActiveX Controls • ActiveX controls • Special precompiled controls that you can plug into your application. Typically, they are small, modular and reusable. Note ActiveX controls can be typically compared to Java applets. • centric 8 supports ActiveX controls allowing Microsoft or any third party ActiveX control to be used within the centric interface. • Each base control can be extended using macros, VBScript or Jscript - allowing simple invocation of the control's methods plus receiving of control events.  

  13. ActiveX Controls • Summary • Win32 controls offer increased development flexibility. • The ListView and TreeView controls can be used to provide secondary menu options or graphical links to customer documents. • The ScrollBar can be used for basic scrolling within a screen or even as an item selection tool as shown in the scrollbar example. • The ProgressBar and TrackBar controls can be used to update the status of a particular process or issue. The TrackBar provides an immediate alternative to the checkbox or optionbutton control. • All new Win32 controls can be inserted via Designer and activated via the Properties window and the Macro/Script Editor.

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