Sustainable public transportation
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Sustainable public transportation. Bio Master 111130. Strategic environmental work. Main 3 goals Fossil-free fuel Passanger and information Cooperation with entrepreneurs. Driving for a better environment. Emission data compared with cars

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Sustainable public transportation

Sustainable public transportation

Bio Master 111130

Strategic environmental work
Strategic environmental work

Main 3 goals

  • Fossil-free fuel

  • Passanger and information

  • Cooperation with entrepreneurs

Driving for a better environment
Driving for a better environment

Emission data compared with cars

  • Carbon dioxide – public transport is approximately four times better.

  • Nitrogen oxides – public transport is approximately two times better.

    Our ambition

  • "We shall be the most environmentally friendly mode of transport in Skåne."

Strategy decision for fossil free public transports in sk ne
Strategy decision for fossil-free public transports in Skåne

  • All city buses 2015

  • All regional buses 2018

  • All special transports 2020

  • All trains are already fossil-free

  • Main focus: locally produced biogasto replace diesel and CNG, Compressed natural gas

More detailed aspects
More detailed aspects Skåne

Carbon dioxide

Nitric oxide


Work journey

Buisiness travel

Leakage to water, diesel, oil etc.

Tire- and emissions from braking to water

Renewable energy
Renewable energy Skåne

75 % share of pkm – renewable fuel in 2010 for passenger transport

Skånetrafikens consumption of energy 2010 – 52,5 % from renewable energy

Energy for buses are half from gas. Biogas 2010 – 48,8 %

Key figures for 2010
Key figures for 2010 Skåne

  • CO2 (gram/person kilometer) 17,16

  • Nox (gram/person kilometer) 0,17

  • Energy Consumption (kWh/person kilometer) 0,18

  • Total consumption Natural+Biogas (Nm3) 1518941801

Co 2 j mf relse mellan sk netrafiken och personbil

CO Skåne2 jämförelse mellan Skånetrafiken och personbil

Biogasen fr n r vara till anv ndning eon s bild
Biogasen – från råvara till användning Skåne EON:s bild

  • Gasanvändning

  • processindustrin

  • uppvärmning

  • fordon





  • Naturgasnätet

  • Dispenserar


We need a lot of biogas
We need a lot of biogas Skåne

With 5 % increase in passengers we will needabout 45 miljoner kubikmeter biogas 2018

Last year Skånetrafiken consumed 7,3 Nm3 …

…a challenge for producers!

One more bus would replace all cars in this picture Skåne– busses are four times more CO2-effective than the car

Trolleybus Skåne

Bra milj val el
Bra miljöval el Skåne

All traffic with our trains are driven by ”Bra miljöval el”, from the Swedish Society for nature conservation

Electricity from wind-, hydropower and biofuels

Climate neutral
Climate neutral Skåne

Skånes total CO2-emissions from persontransport was 1 miljon ton 2006…

Skånetrafikens total emissions was 2010 about 35 000 ton CO2

If drivers correspondingly 4 percentage point of the cars market share in Skåne chooses to go by train instead of car the emissions will be 40 000 ton CO2 less per year

Contact information
Contact information Skåne