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Mariana Peixoto Fernandes Brazil PowerPoint Presentation
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Mariana Peixoto Fernandes Brazil

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Mariana Peixoto Fernandes Brazil - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Mariana Peixoto Fernandes Brazil.

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Mariana PeixotoFernandes


I had always dreamed to live in California! For me this is one of the most amazing places in the world and also where the dreams come true! I was so exciting to see the people, the beautiful beaches and how everything here is so big and pretty! At the same time I was worried to be disappointed!


I had an amazing experience at the Science Museum in Los Angeles because for the first time I saw the Space Shuttle! I have never thought that I would see this during my program but was fantastic, it was so big and different of everything I had ever seen!


I'm braver than I believe and stronger than I seen". We almost never notice but is not every easy to leave our family, friends and our plans to start a new life when we can't even be sure if it will be worth while! Being a international student can bring us good and also bad feelings but it's always required to remember that this is a dream and we need to be strong and have the courage to fight for it!


In my first days in Oak Park I met an incredible team! I couldn't be with them for so long but I'm sure that they will be always in my mind! They were unforgettable and so friendly! This is the Oak Park Cheerleader Team! Thank you girls for the amazing time with you!


Since I arrived here in California I met amazing friends that until now has been the most important thing that I can take with me to Brazil! Everyone here was so open and friendly, they make me feel at home and so comfortable! I can't say how thankful I am to have them in my life.