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Canadian census

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ISR Training Jan. 21, 2011. Canadian census. Canada’s largest survey Complete population count Gathers information on the demographic, social and economic conditions of the country’s population. What is Canadian Census?.

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what is canadian census

Canada’s largest survey

Complete population count

Gathers information on the demographic, social and economic conditions of the country’s population

What is Canadian Census?
census terminology table characteristics

Statistics Canada uses several terms to refer to the categories of data, or characteristics, included in each table. Sometimes you will find characteristics referred to as variables, dimensions, or data categories.

Census TerminologyTable Characteristics

Aboriginal peoples

Ethnic origin and visible minorities

Age and sex

Immigration and citizenship



Place of work and commuting to work

Income and earnings

Housing and shelter costs

Marital status


Mobility and migration

Families and households For a detailed explanation of these terms and other Census terminology, see the online 2006 Census Dictionary.

census terminology census geography

Statistics Canada disseminates data at various

geographical levels.

The geographical hierarchy is organized into

Administrative and Statistical geographic areas.

Census TerminologyCensus Geography
administrative areas

Are mostly defined by federal and provincial statutes

• Provinces and territories

• Federal electoral districts (FED’s)

• Census divisions (CD’s)

• Census subdivisions (CSD’s)

• Postal codes

Administrative areas
statistical areas

Geographic areas are created by STC to support the collection and dissemination of statistical data

• Census Metropolitan Areas (CMAs)

• Census Agglomeration (CAs)

• Dissemination Areas (DA’s)

• Blocks

Statistical areas
census division cd


• counties

• regional districts

• regional municipalities

Census Division (CD)
census subdivision csd

Are incorporated municipalities. CSD refers to

• cities

• towns

• villages

• townships

Census Subdivision (CSD)
dissemination area da

A dissemination area (DA) is a small, relatively stable

geographic unit with a population of 400 to 700 persons.

Dissemination Area (DA)
census tract ct

A relatively permanent area resembling a small urban neighbourhood or rural community

They are located in large urban centres that must have an urban core population of 50,000 or more.

Population range 2,500 and 8,000 (4,000 preferred)

Census tract (Ct)