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Do You Really Need a Bunk Heater? PowerPoint Presentation
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Do You Really Need a Bunk Heater?

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Do You Really Need a Bunk Heater? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Do You Really Need a Bunk Heater?

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  1. Article: Do You Really Need a Bunk Heater? There are all kinds of bells and whistles meant to make rigs more comfortable, efficient and safe. Trying to figure out which ones are worth buying and which one might not be can be the real trick. If a truck heater is under consideration, there are quite a few reasons why this investment is likely to prove sound. An Espar heater is an auxiliary heater that works independently of a rig’s onboard heating and cooling system. This type of add on is favored by many professional drivers for the benefits it delivers on three important fronts: comfort, efficiency and safety. When an Espar Airtronic is added to a rig, truckers benefit from: Enhanced comfort –A truck’s onboard heater will deliver plenty of comfort over the miles, but it may not be able to handle those long, cold nights. After all, keeping a rig running overnight can put unnecessary wear and tear on the engine. When a bunk heater is used instead, this device works on its own to deliver comfort to the sleeping compartment while also ensuring an engine that is nice and warm for a fast start in the morning. Efficiency –Keeping a truck running for heat alone can take its toll on the rig’s fuel supply while also creating that aforementioned wear and tear. When an Espar heater is used instead, the auxiliary device pulls form its own fuel supply. It does so in a highly efficient manner that can save driver’s money over the long haul. A bunk heater comes with the added benefit of sparing that wear and tear, too. That can save truckers even more on maintenance costs. Safety – Traveling through cold climates comes with its own share of potential perils. One of them involves getting stuck in a location for hours courtesy of impassable roads or highway crashes. When the heats must run for hours on end to provide safety, a bunk heater is a better choice. This prevents truckers from having to idle to keep the truck running. It also saves them from having to shut the engine off and face the elements without heat. There are lots of add on devices drivers can consider, but few deliver in comfort, efficiency and safety like a bunk heater. When this addition is purchased, a driver is likely to enjoy cost savings and enhanced safety alike. In addition, overnight and emergency comfort is assured when it is needed the most. About the Company Lubrication Specialists is a leading supplier of Espar Airtonic and other similar bunk heater auxiliary devices. With to-the-door delivery, truckers can rely on Lubrication Specialists to provide products that serve them well for miles to come.