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Office of the Chief Information Officer

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Office of the Chief Information Officer - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Office of the Chief Information Officer. National AO Leadership and Training Conference May 27, 2004. United States Department of Agriculture Research, Education, and Economics Agricultural Research Service. OCIO Mission. Enhancing ARS Research through Information Technology.

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Office of the Chief Information Officer

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office of the chief information officer

Office of the Chief InformationOfficer

National AO Leadership and Training Conference

May 27, 2004

United States Department of AgricultureResearch, Education, and EconomicsAgricultural Research Service
ocio mission
OCIO Mission

Enhancing ARS Research through Information Technology

ocio provides technical and regulatory support and guidance
OCIO Provides Technical and Regulatory Support and Guidance
  • 1,200 research projects within 22 national programs
  • 2,100 scientists
  • 6,000 support employees
  • 100+ research locations in the U.S. and abroad
ocio immediate office
OCIO Immediate Office
  • Strategic planning
  • Capital planning
  • eGovernment initiatives
  • Enterprise architecture
  • Enterprise agreements
  • Departmental liaison
  • Program support
  • Exploring new IT technology
application development branch
Application Development Branch

Mission: Develop modern, integrated information systems for ARS

  • Supports legacy systems
  • Supports Oracle systems
  • Converting legacy systems to Oracle

customer support branch
Customer Support Branch

Mission: Provide exceptional customer support and services through an empowered team that anticipates and exceeds the needs of ARS

GWCC: 301-504-1074



csb functions
CSB Functions
  • Desktop user support
  • Technology assessment and IT procurements
  • NFC access and security
  • Training
  • New computer distribution
  • User focus groups
additional csb functions
Additional CSB Functions
  • Federal Register
  • Records management
  • Issuance management
    • Policies and Procedures
  • Mail management
cybersecurity branch
Cybersecurity Branch

Mission: Maintain the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of Agency-wide systems, network, and data for ARS customers, with a focus on policy and security issues in order to carry out an effective IT security program.

Information Security Is Every ARS Employee’s Responsibility

cybersecurity branch functions
Cybersecurity Branch Functions
  • Security planning and reviews
  • Systems scans and server lockdowns
  • Firewall support
  • Forensics services
  • Technical architecture and planning
illegal and unacceptable activity
Illegal and Unacceptable Activity
  • All instances of P2P use – being reported to OIG
  • Illegally copied programs
  • All instances of pornography – being reported to OIG
  • Child pornography detection - referred to the appropriate U. S. Attorney's office
infrastructure branch
Infrastructure Branch

Mission: Provide a reliable network infrastructure that will support all customer needs.

  • Internet and network
  • Network hardware and software
  • E-mail administration
  • Telecommunications
ib functions internet network
IB Functions – Internet/Network
  • Manage internet connectivity
  • Monitor LAN and Departmental internet network performance
  • Protect the integrity of data stored on the network/providing backups and file/data restorations
ib functions network hardware and software resources
IB Functions – Network Hardware and Software Resources
  • Converting servers, databases, and applications to new computer facility
  • Installing, administering, and maintaining servers
  • Installing security updates and virus definitions
  • Configuring routers and switches
  • Cabling infrastructure
ib functions email administration
IB Functions – Email Administration
  • Email administration and support
  • Create and manage email servers
  • Automatically update address books
  • Remote access
ib functions telecommunications
IB Functions - Telecommunications
  • Audio and net conferencing
  • Calling and GETS cards
  • Service equipment for
    • local voice/data
    • toll-free long distance voice/data
  • Cabling and inside wiring
  • Radio frequency
  • Satellite
  • Secure telephones
  • Two-way video
  • Voicemail
  • Cellular/wireless
web branch
Web Branch

Mission: To work in partnership with ARS customers, as well as the public, to meet Web needs and interests through the delivery of responsive and effective services.

Phone: 301 504-1073


web branch functions
Web Branch Functions
  • Web technology assessment
  • Web production
  • Agency webmaster coordination
  • Web application development
  • Web server application administration
  • Web policy development
  • Intranet development and integration
information management 2004
Information Management 2004
  • New functions and challenges
    • Standardizing and securing IT
      • Email, word processing, and web hosting
      • Certification and accreditation
    • Providing IT training
    • Managing IT systems Agency-wide
    • ARS intranet development
    • Internet2 connectivity
    • Meeting Presidential, OMB, and USDAmandates
it vision 2007
ITVision 2007

ARS OCIO is the recognized center of excellence in leveraging information technology to stimulate the discovery and exchange of scientific knowledge.

  • ARS information technology operates in an integrated environment that facilitates ARS research and enhances productivity and sustainability of U.S. agriculture.
  • ARS business is integrated and securely transmitted across the Internet or Intranet from ARS systems and applications.
  • All authorized users can get the information they need, when they need it, and in the format that they desire – from anywhere in the world.