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V12 Group Consumer Deep Dive

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V12 Group Consumer Deep Dive. Consumer Data Overview // 2013. Agenda. Recognized by Inc. Magazine for the third consecutive year as one of the fastest-growing private companies in America, V12 Group has spent the last decade driving innovation across three key areas :

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V12 Group Consumer Deep Dive

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v12 group consumer deep dive

V12 Group Consumer Deep Dive

Consumer Data Overview // 2013


Recognized by Inc. Magazine for the third consecutive year as one of the fastest-growing private companies in America, V12 Group has spent the last decade driving innovation across three key areas:

  • Data — The heart and soul of your acquisition and CRM efforts
  • Proprietary technology — Tools to dig deep, gain insights and streamline workflows
  • Digital — Turning offline consumers into targetable audiences

Relevant Facts

  • Headquartered in Metro NY with locations in Florida, California, Montana and Maryland
  • Founded in 2002
  • Continues to grow organically
  • Board comprised of tenured direct marketing industry executives including: Paul Chachko, CEO, V12 Group, Bob Wientzen, past President & CEO, DMA, Bruce Biegel, Managing Director, Winterberry and Charlie Stryker, Co-founder, InfoUSA
  • Clients include PetFoodDirect.com, Kimberly-Clark Professional, Infogroup, Epsilon, Aspen, Polk, Bloomberg BNA, Georgetown Law CLE and Executive Ed, American Independent Ins Co., Norwegian Cruise Lines and many more
data overview
Data Overview

With our acquisition databases and 260 demographic, geographic, lifestyle, and interests selects, you can identify and acquire new viable prospective customers.

V12 Group specializes in providing premium:

  • Consumer
  • Business
  • Automotive
  • Digital Data
  • PYCO Personality Data

Quality & Verification

  • Each record must match two source inputs
  • Access to data in an automated environment
  • Our files are updated monthly
  • The file meets all DMA privacy, security compliances
  • CAN-SPAM compliant
  • NCOA, deceased scrub, address standardization and CASS
3 lines of business
3 Lines of Business


Our proprietary technologies allows our data to become actionable. With our collection of data platforms and applications, V12 Group has automated the entire business of compiling and utilizing marketing data.

Data is the Fuel for V12 Group. We utilize the production data in every aspect of the business and it is licensed out to almost 100 firms for marketing and analytical purposes.

Using the V12 Group Data Warehouse, we plan and execute thousands of Acquisition and CRM campaigns per year on behalf of our clients in an automated and off line environment.


V12 Group Consumer Database:

  • Database Design and Maintenance
  • Database Construction and Workflow
  • Database Build
  • Postal vs. ePostal vs. eZip
  • How We Measure Up
  • V12 Group Premium Datasets
v12 group consumer database
V12 Group Consumer Database

V12 Group is a leading provider of database marketing solutions offering a proprietary consumer file of over 208 million individuals, including 80+ million email addresses.

The database applies industry leading research and marketing strategies to offer a product that excels in size, quality and value.

Our proprietary multi-channel consumer database includes detailed demographic, lifestyle and transactional data, which is contributed to by the most credible and responsive sources available to direct marketers.

Armed with the right data, V12 Group’s clients can fine tune marketing offers targeted at new prospects and provide their current customers with products that more closely match purchasing preferences and habits.

  • 208 million consumer
  • 110 million households
  • 68 million ePostal
  • 81 million eZip
  • 112 million phone
  • 140 million IP addresses
  • 153 million automotive
consumer epostal database
Consumer ePostal Database

V12 Group owns the largest fully integrated, multi-channel database existing today. Our ePostal file joins postal and permission based email points of contact.

This means that we can not only target based on audience demographic profile, but also by city, zip code or postal carrier route. Any targeting performed with postal data can also be done with our email database.

V12 Group’s multi-channel contacts are developed in a cooperative database environment with data contributed by over 30 partner sources:

  • Sources updated monthly and include publishers, online retailers, catalogers, surveys and targeted destination sites. Some of the biggest data sources in the industry.
  • Each partner contributes a wide range of data points with each record.

Before an ePostal record is added to the file it is:

  • Address Standardized, NCOA, CASS Certified, and verified for postal deliverability.
  • We then verify the opt in status of each consumer email via permission messaging.
database design and maintenance
Database Design and Maintenance

We have a multi-channel, multi-sourced national consumer database. It is a hybrid file built from compiled and proprietary response data sources.

V12 Group’s database is built from many data points and sources

  • Premier data compilers including: Public and courthouse records, Real Property information, Phone directories, Consumer surveys, Self-Reported and Purchase transactions
  • Response source contributors, niche segmentation schemes and premium datasets.
  • Publishers, Catalogers, Destination and online sites, plus proprietary interactive campaign results

The file meets all DMA privacy and security compliances

  • Only carry data on those 18 years old (some 17 year olds who turn 18 in 2013)
  • We do not maintain Social Security numbers, Drivers License numbers or Credit Card data or FICO scores on the file. This provides a high level of protection from identity theft.

V12 Group updates our file aggressively with the following standards:

  • Deceased processing is done monthly
  • NCOA and CASS processing are performed every 60 days (CASS results show 99.7% accuracy)
  • A full file re-build is performed quarterly

Each V12 Group record has an Individual ID (Sequence) and a Household ID

  • Households are not unique addresses, our method for classification is by LNAME & ADDRESS

V12 Group uses Microsoft SQL Server Cube technology and we are SAS-70 Type II and Safe Harbor Compliant

postal epostal and ezip
Postal, ePostal and eZip


208MM Records


68MM Records


81MM Records

  • ePostal is multi-channel with the most contact points, as such it is the smallest file
  • eZip file does not allow sub-ZIP code targeting and thus near household data are not available as these datasets are built at the ZIP+4 level
how we measure up
How We Measure Up

V12Group’s coverage compares favorable versus competitors.

Most clients compare our consumer database versus competitive options based on:

  • Total volume of records
  • Breadth and depth of our data selectors
  • Cohesiveness of offerings


  • V12 Group offers great individual coverage and selectivity
  • Age and Date of Birth
  • Gender , Presence of Children, Number in Household
  • Geo Selectivity (ZIP, County, DMA)
  • ePostal allows same targeting available via postal file

Weakness: (Missing elements)

  • Response data like Traveled to….
  • Student data such as major or year
  • Co-Op selects like specific magazines read or TV programs viewed, etc.
  • Can access most things via 3rd party relationships
premium data
Premium Data

Premium Income – Built from publicly available sources and a large, nationally representative sample of self-reported incomes, the Income Estimate was modeled using patented genetic algorithm technology.

  • Reports affluence levels 30% more accurately on average compared to other major compilers.
  • Provides particular accuracy when locating households with earnings in excess of $150,000.
  • Targets local demographics using custom models to reflect market conditions for different geographic areas, improving accuracy, and increasing ROI and response rates

Home Value Estimate - Home values are determined based on recent transactions thus the data is only as good as the most recent purchase or refinance. Using local-level models that leverage information such as local cost of living, neighborhood values, tax rates, number of rooms, lot size, acreage, etc., to assess a property’s current value enabling the most accurate home value estimates.

Discretionary Spending Index - measures the amount of money households have left for spending after they meet their basic needs for food, housing and clothing. DSI enables more precise identification of prospects who have the financial capacity to make a purchase. Unlike other offerings our approach goes further, measuring assets and equity-to-debt while considering other key influences on spending:

  • Age, Life Stage, Household Composition, Presence and Age of Children, Educational Expenses Transportation Expenses, Local Tax Rates, Projected Savings, Regional Cost of Living
consumer automotive metrics
Consumer Automotive Metrics

Size and Channels

  • 152 million automobile owners
  • 70 million unique households
  • 20 million with email and matching postal address
  • 100 million with residential phone numbers (pre do not call scrubbing)
  • Over 260+ selects can be used for precise targeting
  • Demographic, geographic, lifestyle & behavioral selects available
  • Selects: Year, Make, Model, Class, Purchase Type, Company Owned
premium income dsi and hv data
Premium Income, DSI and HV Data

Reading the DSI Index

As an index the average household score = 100. Households with 10% greater discretionary income than the average will score 110; households with twice the discretionary income have an index value of 200. A value of zero applies to households where household expenses consume all available resources, resulting in no discretionary income.

anglers lifestyle segmentation
ANGLERS – Lifestyle Segmentation

Lifestyle segmentation systems (also known as clusters) are based on the premise that birds of a feather flock together. Systems are built using socio-economic indicators that group based on affluence, life-stage, geographical regions and media preferences. The purpose is to assign each US Household to one distinct segment (or cluster) so marketing messages can be more easily crafted and managed.

Anglers– Proprietary to V12 Group, this segmentation has 40 segments covering 140 million individual level records. We offer a ZIP+4 level companion dataset of 36 segments which covers the rest of the consumer database.

    • Affluence (e.g., wealth, income, occupation)
    • Neighborhood type (e.g., urban/rural, home owner)
    • Generation (e.g., 65+, baby boomer, Internet)
    • Lifestage (e.g., married, children)
    • Ethnicity (e.g., White, Hispanic, African American, Asian)
    • Responsiveness (e.g., mail buyer, Opener/Clicker)
    • Shopping behavior (e.g., internet shopper, catalog, discount)

List of some of the most popular Lifestyle Segmentation systems:

  • Prizm (Claritas), Personicx (Acxiom), Mosaic (Experian), Niches (Epsilon), Cohorts (Looking Glass)
premium data pyco
Premium Data: PYCO
  • PYCO – our newly released personality segmentation offering. This segmentation offers 16 psychological segments for separating behaviors, influencing traits and attitudes. This type of segmentation will be a compliment to Anglers and a unique differentiator in our digital efforts. PYCO is an ideal tool for identifying how to communicate with prospects and clients alike:
  • Ideal for segmenting offers by how people receptively consume information. You may have the same exact target audience but there are subtleties on how they review messages.
  • For example using Decision Types an advertiser would send a message to those who are Thinkers with multiple offers so they may carefully consider each. However for the Feelers they’d issue one offer as they make a Yes or No decision right at that time.
aggregated credit data options
Aggregated Credit Data Options

V12 Group provides a statistical scoring system created to identify FICO-like credit scores using historical patterns of credit usage and payment behavior. The Credit Ranges are built with critical financial predictors, such as mortgage information, credit and installment debt, plus other loan and financial information. This data is summarized into a zip+4 level geographic file so it can be used for any offers that do not require a firm offer of credit.

The ranges closely resemble FICO scores ranging from 450 to 800 and higher.

Credit Ranges

A = 800 + E = 600 - 649

B = 750 – 799 F = 550 - 559

C = 700 – 749 G = 500 - 549

D = 650 – 699 H = 499 & Lower

v12 group differentiators
V12 Group Differentiators
  • Marketing Automation Technology: Launchpad – Email, Display, Social, Direct Mail and Mobile
  • Property data with “X” dates/purchase dates
  • Automotive data with “X” dates/purchase dates
  • Can provide KBB value (blue or black) with auto data so quotes could be provided
  • PYCO – altitudinal data
  • Aggregated Z-4 credit ranges for enhanced targeting
  • Profiling with indexing available
  • Machine Learning models/Regression/Chaid models with no development fee ($7500 minimum spend on a $20/m scoring fee)
  • Triple verified data file
  • 73 million emails matching postal data for cross marketing opportunity
  • Home Value
  • Premium income


P: 1-866-842-1001

E: info@v12groupinc.com

W: v12groupinc.com