Rainbow city by sophia sarah hana and maricruz
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Rainbow city by Sophia, Sarah, Hana and Maricruz. How to play !!!!!!!!!!!!!. Make your choices as you go. Strange button. Yesterday your mom got you a wii and a game today you decide to play it. As you are playing

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Rainbow city by sophia sarah hana and maricruz

Rainbow cityby Sophia, Sarah, Hana and Maricruz

How to play
Howto play!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Make your choicesasyougo

Strange button
Strange button

Yesterday your mom got you a wii and a game today you decide to play it. As you are playing

it. you have to use the bathroom as you come as you come back you discover a strange button on your wii remote and it says: warning don’t push . You get curious and push it.

click to continue

Strange portal
Strange portal

Suddenly a strange portal opens up. So you put your hand in it then something pulls you into a deep dark depressing world.

look around

Meet the blobs
Meet the blobs

You look around and you see something moving in the distance you slowly go towards it . Then you see a strange creature .

  • You shake hands or run away

Rainbow city by sophia sarah hana and maricruz

You fall into an acid puddle and die





Shake their hand
Shake their hand

  • So you decide to shake there hand you stick out your hand . The blobs face looks confused.

    so the blob shakes your hand .then the blob starts walking away so you follow it

The room
The room

Then the blob goes into a strange room. When you walk into the room then you look around see a lot of blobs all over the place there were so many blobs of different colors there were pink ,purple ,blue ,orange ,green ,yellow ,red and light brown. The blob s start talking “what is that kid doing here ‘’ said the red blob “I brought the kid because we need help to fight ink inc.

The test
The Test

Then the red blob yelled ‘’ink, inc” the whole room went in chaos . The blobs started running around . Then the inky un zipped its costume . Under the costume was the light brown blob. Then he said “ I only dressed up be cause I could test you if a inky showed up”

“why did you do that” said the scared yellow one “because I wanted to test you" said the brown one

stay or leave

Rainbow city by sophia sarah hana and maricruz

You decide to stay . You say “hey so when do we fight them” then the blob said “ uhh that’s what we need you for” said the brown blob. You say “oh man, my mom is making mac ‘n cheese tonight! Well, at least this might be something fun.” The brown blob responds” why don’t we just get the color cannon??”

“What a great idea. Finally!!!!”


You decide to leave and look for a portal but then a black ninja appears out and kid napes you in a bag and throws you into to a never ending hole and you die

Color cannon
Color Cannon

Now you walk into a huge warehouse, not covered in ink. The brown blob sits on a machine, and slowly tears off the rag which is on the cannon, and VOILA – a colored cannon. The only way to activate the cannon, is to unleash sunlight and happiness at the same time. “Great, not another happy thing..”

“I have an idea. Let’s throw a mini party. Maybe some sunlight will come out. Perfect timing, and color will be back!?”

Party time
Party Time

Next you throw a small party, and you see happiness for everyone. You think “yeah, hopefully I will get to go home and eat some of mom’s mac ‘n cheese!”. The a pink blob shouts out “oh no! an Ink incorporated ship! “ Everyone starts screaming in paradise and chaos erupts.

Two options

run away or fight them

Run away
Run away

You run away, you trip, and you end up at the portal to home.

your at home now



Google /Morgue file/Bing


You begin the fight with the inkies, and finally the sun comes out. The perfect moment in time. After much excitement you pull the lever. Next thing you know, this huge ball of paint is flying in the air. Everyone stops moving and all eyes are lifted up towards the sky. Blue color is RETURNING to the city!

Color in the city
Color in the City

Finally color returns to the city. Everyone is sharing the fun by confetti flyigng in the air. All the inkies begin to melt into the ground, and what is left are little black dots. Everyone celebrates. In honour of you, they make a statue. A portal opens up as the statue is completed.

You say “ well, what a great day aferall. Definitely time to go home”

Everyone cheers, the portal closes. You see the “do not push button”. You turn around and say “Maybe later”.