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jDHkdhfj. fjdkjfksl. The South After the War and Reconstruction. Post War. Fires and illness affected the people War shattered economy Huge unemployment for Confederate veterans 4 millions emancipated slaves were homeless. Freed Slaves- Post War.

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post war
Post War
  • Fires and illness affected the people
  • War shattered economy
  • Huge unemployment for Confederate veterans
  • 4 millions emancipated slaves were homeless
freed slaves post war
Freed Slaves- Post War
  • Thought freedom would be much better than it is
    • Connect with family members that had been sold
    • Didn’t have much money or often a job to support a family and own land
  • General Sherman thought it was the divine right of slaves to own land and divided South Carolina into 40 acre parcels for freedpeople
reconstruction african americans
Reconstruction- African Americans
  • Gave further rights for equal citizenship
  • Civil Rights Act and Fourteenth Amendment
    • Registered to vote
    • Began lobbying
  • Joined political groups
    • Union League- Republican views
    • Helped build schools and churches
african american reconstruction cont
African American Reconstruction cont.
  • Involved in politics (more than 600 elected to state legislatures)
    • Served as delegates( state and constitutional conventions)
    • Louisiana and South Carolina outnumbered white delegates
    • Largest group involved in Republican voters
    • Hiram Revels (Mississippi) elected to fill senate seat formerly occupied by Jefferson Davis
government tensions
Government Tensions
  • Northern republicans arrived in south to participate in legislatures
    • Resented by white southerners
    • Called the newcomers carpetbaggers because they were “needy adventurers” and low in class
  • Confederates called southern white Reconstruction supporters scalawags (scoundrels/ traitors of race and country)
republican alliance
Republican Alliance
  • Alliance formed between reconstruction supporters
    • Disagreed on land reform
    • Party of progress and civilization
    • Wanted to rebuild south and seize economy by capturing power from southern planters
    • Drafted new state constitutions
    • Abolished property qualifications for jurors and political candidates
    • Gave African American men right to vote
republican alliance dissolved
Republican Alliance Dissolved
  • Panic of 1873- severe economic depression
    • Farmers and workers threatened strike
  • lost universal voting rights
    • New immigrants joined democrats party( called cheapened ballot)
    • Also lost support from African Americans
democrats gain power
Democrats Gain Power
  • After the Panic 1873 gained sixty seat power
  • Attracted white voters in the south
  • Civil Rights Act of 1875 final Republican attempt
    • Prohibited public businesses from discriminating against African Americans
      • Did not work as democrats continued to gain power
      • Democrats called redeemers tried to win back republican voters
election of 1876
Election of 1876
  • Tilden (D; New York) and Hayes (R; Ohio)
  • Tilden won popular vote by 250,000
  • Hayes won with one electoral vote
    • Democrats were furious
    • Compromise of 1877- Democrats can accept Hayes as president and Republicans will draw federal troops from south
ku klux klan
Ku Klux Klan
  • Started by white southerners in response to rising African American power
  • Nathan Bedford Forrest “General Wizard” Head of Klan
  • Passed by congress on April 20, 1871
  • Used to undermine African American
  • Attracted lawyers, professionals, poor farmers and laborers
  • Many other groups were formed for similar reasons: White Brotherhood, Men of Justice
the ku klux klan cont
The Ku Klux Klan cont.
  • Wanted to destroy Republican party to not allow African Americans to vote
  • Murdered or attacked many republican legislature, leaders, and Republican voters
  • Killed and assaulted thousand of people
  • Burned schools and churches
  • Stole livestock
end of reconstruction
End of Reconstruction
  • Reconstruction governments no longer had federal protections
  • Redeemers from democratic party rewrote constitutions and overturned reforms
  • African Americans as well as reconstruction supporters protested the changes