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IAOPA Europe Regional Meeting Athens, 27. September 2014

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IAOPA Europe Regional Meeting Athens, 27. September 2014 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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GA Roadmap Update. IAOPA Europe Regional Meeting Athens, 27. September 2014. EASA Organisation behind GA initiative. Task force to present actions by January 2015. General measures to be used. Simplify administrative and operational procedures

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Presentation Transcript
GA Roadmap Update

IAOPA Europe Regional Meeting

Athens, 27. September 2014

easa organisation behind ga initiative
EASA Organisation behind GA initiative

Task force to present actions by January 2015

general measures to be used
General measures to beused
  • Simplify administrative and operational procedures
  • Make oversight activities more proportionate (e.g. combined organisation approvals)
  • Tailor the certification process to be more proportionate
  • Move from ‘organisations’ to ‘individuals’ (e.g. empowering licenses aviation staff)
  • Encourage safety culture
  • Delegation of oversight functions to end-user organisations
  • Produce quick reference guide
  • Reinforce GA data collection at European level
simplifying ga aircraft maintenance
Simplifying GA aircraft maintenance
  • EASA opinion soon to be published:
  • List of standard changes and repairs
  • Can be used directly without involving EASA or an approved design organisation
  • Based on well proven practices used in General Aviation in Europe and US.
simpler licences for ga aircraft mechanics
Simpler licences for GA aircraft mechanics
  • EASA opinion soon to be published:
  • Simplified licensing requirements for personnel involved in avionic maintenance for GA aircraft (B2L license) and ELA1 aeroplaned (L License)
  • These simplified requirements will increase the availability of maintenance personnel in the General Aviation sector, through simplified knowledge assessments, and simplified conversion of existing privileges
simpler aircraft maintenance
  • Already published Opinion 06/2013:
  • Simplified Maintenance Programmes and Airworthiness Reviews, for ELA1 and ELA2 aircraft:
  • Self declaration of the maintenance programme removing the need for approval by the competent authority.
  • New simplified template and the introduction of minimum inspection programmes, making it easier to prepare maintenance programs for GA aircraft.
  • These proposals are expected to be adopted by the Commission in the very near future.
easa commitee proposals
EASA Commiteeproposals
  • To hopefullybeadopted in October 2014
extension of ato transition
Extension of ATO transition
  • Extend transition from RegisteredFacilities to ATOs by another 3 yearstill April 2018
  • ExistingRFswillbeallowed to provide training for LAPL
  • Duringthis time a ‘thirdway’ for PPL and LAPL flighttrainingis to bedeveloped.
  • The content of the ‘thirdway’ is still not established– it couldbe a continuation of RFs or somethingelse
extension for third country license holders
Extension for third country license holders
  • non-commercial pilots holding a third country license can operate under existing rules for one more year (8.april 2016) for – if the memberstate decides
  • Memberstates may accept an ICAO compliant PPL for up to 28 calendar days for specific tasks of limited duration, such as competition flights or display flights. (Holiday???) One acclimatisation flight required.
medical alleviation special medical circumstances
Medical alleviation: Special medicalcircumstances
  • When justified by research in new medical technology, new medication or new procedures a medical can be issues to a defined number of pilots.
  • At least two memberstates must cooperate on the research project
simplified organisational requirements for atos
Simplifiedorganisationalrequirements for ATOs
  • Safety risk management and compliance monitoring can be replaced by a yearly organisational review for ATOs for LAPL, PPL, SPL or BPL.
  • The competent authority shall be notified about the results of this review by the organisation
backtracking on the new rules for the competency based instrument rating
Backtracking on the new rules for the CompetencyBased Instrument Rating
  • Proposal to change the hoursthatarecredited from ”IFR time” to ”Instrument Flight Time”, i.e. ”the time where the aircraft is controlledsolely by reference to instruments”
  • Getyourstopwatch out whileflying and press it every time youenter a cloud
  • Currently not logged in Europe, unable to document
  • Impossible to verify or enforce
task for all of you
Task for all of you
  • Youneed to contact the EASA Commiteerepresentative of you country and let them know whatyoulike and whatyou do not like.