elza shaqaryan easter poems n.
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Elza Shaqaryan Easter poems

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Elza Shaqaryan Easter poems - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Elza Shaqaryan Easter poems. Easter. Colorful, Wonderful, Beautiful. Spots and stripes, Very bright, Easter Eggs are alike. Here he comes! He might be funny, It is the Easter Bunny. Some things that Easter brings. Easter duck and Easter chick, Easter eggs with chocolate thick.

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  • Colorful,Wonderful,Beautiful.
  • Spots and stripes,Very bright,Easter Eggs are alike.
  • Here he comes!He might be funny,It is the Easter Bunny.
some things that easter brings
Some things that Easter brings
  • Easter duck and Easter chick,Easter eggs with chocolate thick.
  • Easter hats for one and all,Easter Bunny makes a call!
  • Happy Easter always bringsSuch a lot of pleasant things.
  • Chocolate Easter bunnyIn a jelly bean nest,I’m saving you for very lastBecause I love you best.I’ll only take a nibbleFrom the tip of your earAnd one bite from the other sideSo that you won’t look queer.Yum, you’re so delicious!I didn’t mean to eatYour chocolate tail till Tuesday.Ooops! There go your feet!I wonder how your back tastesWith all that chocolate hair.I never thought your tummyWas only filled with air!Chocolate Easter bunnyIn a jelly bean nest,I’m saving you for very lastBecause I love you best.
coloring easter eggs
Coloring Easter eggs
  • I take an eggAll shiny whiteAnd then I dipIt out of sight.
  • I leave it thereWithin the cupThen after a minuteI pick it up.
  • And oh!It’s a lovelyShade of green!The prettiest Easter eggI’ve ever seen.
  • Every little bunnyHas a habit that is funny.
  • It doesn’t matter where he goesHe always wrinkles up his nose.