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Online interactive Risk Assessment

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Online interactive Risk Assessment - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Online interactive Risk Assessment. Advisory Committee for Safety and Health at Work Luxembourg, 28 November 2013 | Lorenzo Munar. Summary. Online presentation of an OiRA tool (EU tool leather & tanning) Overview OiRA project OiRA partners OiRA tools published

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online interactive risk assessment
Online interactive Risk Assessment

Advisory Committee for Safety and Health at Work

Luxembourg, 28 November 2013 | Lorenzo Munar

  • Online presentation of an OiRA tool (EU tool leather & tanning)
  • Overview OiRA project
    • OiRA partners
    • OiRA tools published
    • OiRA tools under development
    • OiRA = EU platform that works!
  • OiRA drivers
  • OiRA barriers
  • The future
oira eu platform that works
OiRA = EU platform that works!
  • An EU platform already available in 15 languages
    • in the process of being translated into another three
  • An EU community WORKING TOGETHER
    • sharing information, Good Practice, photos, …

Leather and Tanning



new generation of risk assessment tools
New generation of risk assessment tools
  • Main features
    • Easy access, easy to use, …
  • Advantages of OiRA/interactive tools:
    • Dissemination facilitated through Internet
    • Evolutionary content
    • Didactic dimension
    • Platform to access other sources of information
    • Possibility to monitor use of such tools
    • An innovative tool
  • There is a more and more common perception that such tools …
    • Are the future
    • Need to be developed by governments/ministries/public institutions and offered for free
  • The last EU OSH strategy and most national strategies mention (more or less explicitly) the need to develop such practical and simple tools to facilitate the RA process among micro and small enterprises (MSEs).
economies of scale
Economies of scale
  • General agreement / common perception that cooperation at EU level for the development of such tools is needed
    • especially in a context of economic crisis and limited resources.
  • Mutualising (pooling) efforts / resources at EU level
    • OiRA partners building on what other partners from other countries are doing.
  • Fostering cooperation among EU/national OiRA partners / researchers
    • building bridges, strengthening collaboration, setting up new ways of exchanging/sharing information.
challenge lack of awareness
Challenge: Lack of awareness
  • Lack of OSH (RA) awareness among micro and small companies
  • Risk prevention is not the main goal/concern for micro and small businesses
oira as a tool can contribute to
OiRA – as a tool - can contribute to ….
  • Help micro and small companies to fulfil their legal obligation;
  • Guide those lacking expertise / thinking RA is too complicated to start with the process;
  • Increase risk awareness (and risk prevention in general).
challenge reaching mses and making them act
Challenge: reaching MSEs (and making them act)
  • When it comes to MSEs, one of the main challenges is simply to reach them
  • The “promotional” side of OiRA is critical for the project
  • The OiRA community is fully aware of this and is already addressing this issue by:
    • improving knowledge on this specific issue;
    • increasing the range of means/channels traditionally used to reach MSEs (by using/setting up new ones);
    • integrating OiRA in a more global strategy (and not as a stand-alone product).
oira as a project encourages
OiRA – as a project – encourages …
  • Setting up a promotional strategy for each single tool / sector
    • Conduct insight research of the target audience before carrying out any promotion actions.
    • Use the relevant partners/channels to reach the target audience.
    • Adapt the “messages” to each specific sector.
  • Planning a campaign and not just individual and isolated actions
  • Adding new communication channels (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) to the traditional ones
  • Using influencers, large multipliers and piggy backing onto third party events
  • Sending the “correct” messages to micro and small enterprises (adapting them to each specific sector)
  • Disseminating the tools through personal contact
the future of oira1
The future of OiRA
  • Continue to build on this unique and EU shared platform
    • Developing more tools and try to “cover” all the sectors
    • Facilitate the sharing of information/tools
      • Keep developing the OiRA library
      • Translating tools into English to make them more accessible to the OiRA community
  • Prepare the field for the development of the second generation of OiRA tools by developing new functionalities
    • Making the OiRA tools much more flexible and adaptable to the specificities of sectors (and national contexts)
    • Allowing / fostering a different relationship between the developers of the tools and the end-users (more feedback, exchange of information/services)