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New Resources for Rural Transit Operators PowerPoint Presentation
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New Resources for Rural Transit Operators

New Resources for Rural Transit Operators

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New Resources for Rural Transit Operators

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  1. New Resources for Rural Transit Operators U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Transit Administration

  2. Federal Transit Administration's RTAP Program • Provides FREE training and technical assistance to rural and small urban and Tribal transit operators • Funded by Section 5311 formula program for non-urbanized areas • National RTAP 15% of RTAP funds • Rest to states by formula • RTAP manager in each state • FTA contracts with non-profit vendor for national program • Neponset Valley Transportation Management Association • Product development guided by Review Board • 7 representatives of State Departments of Transportation • 7 representatives of rural / Tribal transit operators

  3. What Does National RTAP Offer for You? • Comprehensive offering of FREE resources • Help you do your job better and manage costs • Supplement State RTAP programs • Especially important when budgets are tight • One-stop shopping for technical assistance products and services • If we can’t help with your request, we’ll connect you with someone who can • Commitment to innovation • Forward-thinking products and technology initiatives to address rural transit challenges • You don’t have to be a tech expert – know-how and support are provided!

  4. National RTAP Products and Services • • Resource Center • Materials • Technical Assistance • Bi-weekly eNews • Training modules • Technical briefs and other documents • Webinars • Peer-to-Peer Network • National RTAP Web Applications: National RTAP in the Cloud • All products and services are FREE!

  5. Use National RTAP Resources to: • Create or update a training class • Answer your questions about rural transit planning, operations, management, or funding • Incorporate technology into your transit system • Build a website • Upload your route and schedule data to Google Transit • Manage a federal procurement project • Learn about the latest developments—bi-weekly—in the rural/tribal transit industry, including funding opportunities • Get expert advice from a peer transit provider • Hear knowledgeable speakers or network without leaving your office

  6. The Resource Center • • Staff available to provide one-on-one assistance • Phone, e-mail, online chat • Answer questions, research issues, send copies of materials • Monday-Friday, 9:00 am -5:00 pm • 888-589-6821 • Training modules, videos & documents available for downloading or ordering • Access to National RTAP in the Cloud web applications

  7. Redesigned Website Launched December 2013 • More dynamic homepage Product spotlights News Best practices Events • Enhanced Resource Library New landing page Better search capabilities Topic Guides that consolidate information Enhanced classification of Resource Library items • Expanded Tribal Transit and State RTAP sections

  8. Training Modules Popular Products • Customer Driven Service • Emergency Procedures for Rural Transit Drivers • Safety Training and Rural Transit (START) • Resource Catalog on website • Coming in 2014! Top Shops: Emergency Management in Vehicle Maintenance Facilities

  9. 2 the Point Training • Released June 2013 • Training material and quizzes on cards for on-the-go refresher training • Nine topics, 56 subtopics, 78 cards • ADA and Sensitivity • Bloodborne Pathogens • Customer Service • Defensive Driving • Distracted Driving • Drugs and Alcohol • Emergency Management • Passenger Safety • Transporting Nonambulatory Passengers • Cards, printing instructions, tips for use, and tracking spreadsheet available on (2 the Point Training tab)

  10. Webinars • 101 Webinar Series • Using Social Media, September 2013 • FTA Charter and School Transportation Regulations, November 2013 • FTA Drug and Alcohol Testing, upcoming • PowerPoints and videos posted on website for later viewing • E-mail to be put on invitation list, or register for upcoming webinars at

  11. National RTAP Facebook Page Like us on Facebook today! Launched September 2013 National RTAP staff posts 3-5 times a week Photos, events, news, resources Current issue of eNews posted on page every two weeks Like us and share our information!

  12. New Online Toolkits Toolkits tab on • How to Find Almost Anything Toolkit Where and how to find free or low-cost resources • Transit Manager’s Toolkit Guidance and resources for new managers Bus Roadeo Toolkit Videos, documents, and resources to assist with planning a bus roadeo ADA Toolkit Expanded version of ADA section of TMTK State RTAP Manager’s Toolkit

  13. New Online Directory of Transit Trainers Directory of trainers for hire on Teach a variety of topics Active at the local, regional or national levels Trainers voluntarily submit information Click on Resource Library tab on top toolbar of homepage; select Directory of Trainers from dropdown menu Send e-mail with name, contact information, training region, and training expertise to

  14. National RTAP in the Cloud • Easy way for rural and Tribal transit providers to incorporate technology into their operations • First step toward building an online community of users and data shared by all • Free of charge • Hosted on National RTAP’s website • Help available • Videos • Text • E-mail • Phone

  15. New Support Center Launched December 2013 • Improved site design for easy, quick access to information • Updated documents and videos • Website search function • Technical support available: 888-589-6821 Live chat from Support Center

  16. Website Builder Version 2 Simplified version of original Website Builder web app Complete template can be used as is for basic transit agency website Select one of four “skins” to give page elements a consistent style Choose exact colors of certain elements with color picker tool Instructional videos and Getting Started Guide Website hosted free of charge on National RTAP server Scheduled for release in 2014

  17. GTFS Builder • Helps rural and tribal transit providers to enter their route and schedule data into Google Transit and other online trip planners • Video and text-based support • Low tech (Microsoft Excel) • New! Recorded workshop webinars and dedicated Support Center page

  18. Contact Builder Released May 2013 Manage your e-mail communications with customers • User-friendly administrative interface • Create messages for email and twitter • Manage contacts • Manage contact lists • Create and share templates • Users can easily subscribe and unsubscribe to communications

  19. Coming up in 2014… • Emergency Management for Vehicle Maintenance Facilities • New training module • Emphasis on online learning • Marketing Transit Toolkit • Online version of START eLearning module • Website Builder Version 2 • Form Builder web app • Schedule Builder web app

  20. In-Depth Look at the Toolkits • How to Find Almost Anything Toolkit Search better Where to look? Resources by topic Newsletters Links to relevant websites

  21. In-Depth Look at the Toolkits • Transit Manager’s Toolkit For new transit managers Existing transit managers-reference Regulations, compliance, operations, tribal transit

  22. In-Depth Look at the Toolkits • ADA Toolkit Expanded ADA section from Transit Manager’s Toolkit Laws, best practices Rider information

  23. In-Depth Look at the Toolkits • Bus Roadeo How to conduct roadeo Obstacles Other planning Video

  24. Top Shops: Emergency Management for Vehicle Maintenance Facilities • First online learning module (LMS) • Expected completion: Fall 2014 • 7 online modules, inc. manager’s module (safety plans, communicating safety info, training) • Overview • Accidents, incidents • Fire, hazardous materials, criminal acts • Instructor’s manual with disc for instructor-led training • Role-playing, site-specific info • Optional disc, but LMS trackable

  25. Contact Information National RTAP 5 Wheeling Avenue, Unit B Woburn, MA 01801 888-589-6821 1050 Connecticut Avenue Suite 1000 Washington, D.C. 20036 Patti Monahan Executive Director U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Transit Administration Jess Wallis Resource Center Manager National RTAP 888-589-6821