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Cisco Router Hacking

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Cisco Router Hacking. Group 8 Vernon Guishard Kelvin Aguebor ECE 4112. Introduction. Cisco Systems, Inc. sells networking and communications technology and services. Cisco is known for creating the first commercially successful multi-protocol router.

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cisco router hacking

Cisco Router Hacking

Group 8

Vernon Guishard

Kelvin Aguebor

ECE 4112

  • Cisco Systems, Inc. sells networking and communications technology and services.
  • Cisco is known for creating the first commercially successful multi-protocol router.
  • March 2000, Cisco had the market capitalization of $500 billion.
  • Currently, it has a market cap of $175 billion, controls 58% of the market sale of routers.
  • The Cisco routers have been more likely to have attacks.
  • Large market share can lead to attacks being devastating for the internet.
identifying routers and vulnerabilities
Identifying Routers and Vulnerabilities
  • Nmap is used to identify the router.
    • OS fingerprinting
  • Telnet is another solution to track down routers.
    • Trademark Cisco Banner “User Access Verification”
  • SING is used to identify the router.
    • It uses ICMP packets to find the router
  • Nessus can be used to find vulnerabilities.
cisco vulnerabilities
Cisco Vulnerabilities
  • Console Password Recovery
    • All Cisco routers and switches affected
    • Not regarded as a vulnerability
    • A way for System Admin to recover lost passwords
    • May be used by hackers who have physical access to machines
  • HTTP Configuration Arbitrary Administrative Access Vulnerability
    • Cisco IOS release 11.3 or higher, are vulnerable.
    • Attacker can gain access to a router without authentication
    • Attacker can completely control, change, and configure the device
cisco vulnerabilities5
Cisco Vulnerabilities
  • Router Denial of Service (DOS) Vulnerability
    • It affects all Cisco routers and switches from releases 11.1 through 12.1
    • Causes the routers and switches to stop forwarding packets on specific interface
    • IPv4 packets with protocol type of 53, 55, 77 or 103 causes input queue to be flagged as full
  • Telnet Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
    • Cisco Broadband Operating System (CBOS), an operating system for the Cisco 600 family of routers are vulnerable
    • Extremely long telnet passwords cause the router to crash then reboot
    • Attacker can repeat until fixed, causing a DOS
solutions to vulnerabilities
Solutions to Vulnerabilities
  • Vulnerabilities know by Cisco and Patches Released
    • Most lingering vulnerabilities due to poor network administration
    • Upgrade Cisco IOS
    • Use access-list if not able to upgrade
    • TACAS or Radius effective in preventing HTTP vulnerability
lab procedures
Lab Procedures
  • Section 1: Console Password Exploit
    • Using hyper terminal to access routers
    • Obtaining enable password and enable secret of the router
  • Section 2: Identifying Cisco Routers
    • Using NMAP and telnet to identify routers
  • Section 3: Network Exploits
    • Using the Cisco Global Exploit tool
    • Protecting against the Cisco Global Exploit tool