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第 3 版 Mini-world 万花筒 PowerPoint Presentation
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第 3 版 Mini-world 万花筒

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第 3 版 Mini-world 万花筒 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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第 3 版 Mini-world 万花筒

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  1. 第3版 Mini-world 万花筒

  2. 自由女神像——美国的象征 Statue of Liberty

  3. As we all know, the Statue of Liberty is a symbol of freedom. It stands on Liberty Island in New York Harbor, America. It is 46 metres high and weighs 229 tons. But do you know this statue is a gift to America from the people of France (法国)? It stands for the friendship between the two countries.

  4. Making this statue needed a lot of money. So over 120,000 French people made a donation. In 1886, France gave this gift to America for its 100th birthday. Now, this statue has become the symbol of America and the pride of all Americans.

  5. Quiz • 请根据文章内容回答问题。 • Where is the Statue of Liberty? • _______________________________________ • 2. Who gave the Statue of Liberty to America? • ____________________________________ It stands on Liberty Island in New York Harbor, America. France./The people of France.

  6. fish in the air Meaning: to waste one’s energy 白费力气 Story: 在这个短语中,fish作动 词,意思是“钓鱼”。 空中怎么能够掉到鱼呢? 没错,fish in the air 正是“白费力气”的意 思,与我们所熟知的 “水中捞月”有异曲同工 之妙。 Example: Don’t fish in the air. He is hard to speak to. 别白费力气 了,他根本就说不通。

  7. Word Bank 超纲词汇 statue /'st7tju:/ n.雕塑, 雕像 symbol /'sImb=l/ n.象征, 标志 freedom /'fri:d=m/ n.自由 weigh /weI/ v.重达…… ton /t2n/ n.吨 friendship /'frend5Ip/ n.友谊 donation/d=U'neI5=n/ n. 捐款

  8. pride /praId/ n.骄傲, 自豪 Statue of Liberty 自由女神像 as we all know 众所周知 Liberty Island 自由岛, 位于美国纽约港 New York Harbor 纽约港, 位于纽约州东南沿海哈德孙河口 stand for 代表, 象征 a lot of 许多的, 大量的

  9. 第4-5版 Super Classroom 超级课堂

  10. 一年四季都有好景色! Lily’s Travel Diary

  11. 考考你: 你能根据下列几段描述找出对应的图片吗?

  12. ( ) Spring in Australia is beautiful and warm. You can see the bright blue sky above and colourful flowers along the foot path. ( ) Summer in France is a fun time to visit. You can walk among the lavender fields in the countryside. ( ) Autumn is a good time to visit America. Leaves begin to turn red and yellow. They fall from the trees and cover the ground like a blanket. ( ) Winter in Switzerland (瑞士) is quiet. It is a white world of deep snow. The trees and animals are sleeping. C A A B D C B D

  13. 一样的手势在不同的国家可能有不同的意思哦!一样的手势在不同的国家可能有不同的意思哦! Gestures in Different Cultures ☆ In China, this gesture means “good” or “excellent.” ☆ In Germany (德国), it means “one.” ☆ In Japan (日本), it means “five.” ☆ In Australia, this is an impolite gesture.

  14. ☆ In China, this gesture means “OK” or “three.” ☆ In France, it means “zero” or “worthless.” ☆ In Thailand(泰国), it means “no problem.” ☆ In Japan,it means “money.” ☆ In Tunis (突尼斯), it means “I will kill you.” ☆ In Germany, this gesture is very rude. You may face a charge if you do this.

  15. 让我们来认识一下这些国家吧 Around the World

  16. Culture 同样的手势在不同的国家可能有着截然不同的含义。例如:“V”的手势在许多国家都代表“胜利”或者“荣耀”的意思。可是如果做这个动作的时候掌心朝着自己,那么在西方国家就是具有侮辱性的动作了。又如:我们打招呼的时候常会做举起右手并且五指张开这个动作。可是如果一不注意,做成了手臂伸直,五指并拢的动作,那就麻烦了。这个动作在德国是纳粹分子的专属动作,在那里做这个手势,可能会引起政治纠纷。

  17. 课外点拨 定冠词the在国家名称前的用法 国家名称前到底要不要加the呢?其实,它分为两种情况。 一般来说,我们常用的国家名大多只是简称,所以不需要加定冠词the。 例如:China, America, Australia 但是,当我们使用国家名字的全称时,就必须在前面加上定冠词the。 例如:the United States 美利坚合众国(美国) the United Kingdom 联合王国(英国) the People’s Republic of China 中华人民共和国(中国)

  18. Quiz 请根据文章Gestures in Different Cultures完成表格。 one good or excellent zero or worthless money I will kill you

  19. Word Bank 超纲词汇 colourful /'k2l=f=l/ adj.艳丽多彩的 among /='m29/ prep.在……中间 countryside /'k2ntrIsaId/ n.农村,乡下 cover /'k2v=/ v.覆盖 blanket /'bl79kIt/ n.毛毯,毯子 gesture /'d3est5=/ n.手势 culture /'k2lt5=/ n.文化

  20. excellent /'eks=l=nt/ adj.杰出的,极好的 impolite/;Imp='laIt/ adj.不礼貌的,粗鲁的 worthless /'w+:0lIs/ adj. 无价值的 kill /kIl/ v.杀死 rude /ru:d/ adj.粗鲁的,无礼的 travel diary 旅行日记 lavender field 薰衣草花田 no problem 没问题

  21. face a charge 面临指控 around the world 世界各地

  22. 第6版 Playground 英语操练场

  23. 要去旅行了?学习一下怎么买票吧! I Want to Buy a Ticket.

  24. Ticket Clerk: Hello. How can I help you? Sam: I’d like to buy a ticket to New York. Ticket Clerk: Would you like one way or round trip? Sam: Round trip. Ticket Clerk: When will you be leaving? Sam: When does the next plane leave? Ticket Clerk: At 8 o’clock this evening. Sam: OK. I’d like a ticket for that flight please.

  25. Ticket Clerk: First class or economy class? Sam: Economy class. Ticket Clerk: OK, let me check. This flight has seats available. Would you like me to reserve a seat now? Sam: Yes, please. Ticket Clerk: 118 dollars please. Sam: OK. Ticket Clerk: Thank you, here’s your change.

  26. Quiz 请根据文章内容回答问题。 1. Where does Sam want to go? ___________________________ 2.When will Sam leave? _________________________________ He wants to go to New York. He will leave at 8 o’clock this evening.

  27. Round and round the garden Round and round the garden, Like a teddy bear. One step, two steps, Tickle you under there.

  28. Word Bank 超纲词汇 flight /flaIt/ n.航班 seat /si:t/ n. 座位 available /='veIl=bl/ adj. 可以得到的,可以买到的 reserve /rI'z+:v/ v.预定,预约 dollar /'d^l=/ n.美元 change /t5eInd3/ n. 找零 step /step/ n.步,脚步

  29. tickle /'tIkl/ v.呵痒,使发痒 ticket clerk 售票员(美式英语) one way 单程 round trip 往返 first class 头等舱 economy class 经济舱 let me check 让我查一下

  30. 第7版 Story Zone 故事地带

  31. 一粒碗豆让王子找到了真正的公主。 The Princess and the Pea (II)

  32. The queen went into the bedroom for the princess. She put a pea on the bed, and then put twenty mattresses on top of it! The next morning, the queen asked, “Did you sleep well last night?” “Oh, it’s terrible!” said the princess. “I have hardly closed my eyes! I felt a hard thing, and my body is black and blue this morning.”

  33. “You felt a pea under twenty mattresses! Nobody but a real princess could do that,” shouted the queen. So the prince took the princess to be his wife. And people put the pea into the Museum!

  34. Quiz 请根据文章内容判断对错。 1. The queen put a pea on top of twenty mattresses. ( ) 2. A real princess can feel a pea under twenty mattresses. ( ) F T

  35. Word Bank 超纲词汇 princess /;prIn'ses/ n.公主 pea /pi:/ n. 豌豆 queen /kwi:n/ n. 王后, 女王 mattress /'m7trIs/ n. 床垫 hardly /'h1:dlI/ adv. 几乎不 real /rI=l/ adj. 真正的 prince /'prIns/ n. 王子

  36. museum /mju:'zI=m/ n. 博物馆 last night 昨天晚上 black and blue 青一块, 紫一块 nobody but ... 除了……没人